Jhene Aiko's New 'Lyin King' Video Gives Me Chills

Jhene Aiko's New 'Lyin King' Video Gives Me Chills

Jhene Aiko has a lot to celebrate.

She has slayed several magazine features this year, including Vogue, Elle, Complex, and GQ. She’s been nominated for several Grammys, and the cherry on top is that her music gets better and better. So it’s only right that “Miss Chilombo” celebrated the one-­year anniversary of her highly acclaimed Souled Out album with a music video. The video for “Lyin King”, one of the tracks from ‘Souled Out” is about humanity, love, a dying ego, and it will probably give you the chills.

No really, I got the chills looking at this video.

As far as the meaning behind the visuals, she shared with The FADER:

A mysterious, time traveling medicine woman has a prophetic vision of an early civilization in trouble.

The men have neglected the women and deprived them of love. By orders of their chief, the men of the tribe have taken away the women’s hearts and voices.

The women are powerless. The children are suffering.

The medicine woman travels for many days to reach the primitive village.

Upon her arrival, the medicine woman performs a miracle. She instantly restores the grace of the women of the tribe and gives them their voices back.

The men of this early tribe are not pleased.

With the men of the tribe’s attention, the medicine woman and the women of the tribe begin a ceremony in which they tell the story of how they are taking their voices back.

The chief is infuriated.

The medicine woman leaves the now capable women to conduct a private ceremony for the chief.

The chief is intrigued and frightened.

What he thinks will be a sexual experience turns out to be something very different.

After the ritual is performed, the medicine woman passes on her apocalyptic prophecy of how the world will end due to the lack of love throughout humanity.

The chief experiences ego death. He sees that it starts with him."

Put on a sweater, watch the video below, then get ready for the chills

What did you think of Jhene's new video?

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