I Got An Aura Reading, And It Changed Everything

I Got An Aura Reading, And It Changed Everything

I’ve always been intrigued by holistic practices and different healing methods that will help me get a deeper sense of myself and become a better person in the process. And according to my aura and chakra reading, that’s right on par with who I am. In March, I attended a wellness retreat, and during the three-day event, I got an aura reading. While I’ve gotten chakra readings done before, which required me to lay down and have crystals placed on top of my chakras, the aura reading was a little different.

The practitioners, Laura McCann and James Levinson, set me up to a scanner, which was connected to a computer. After two minutes, I received a 15-page report that described my aura in detail, including what my aura colors were and my chakra levels. I was in awe and soaking up everything I learned. A lot of the findings were accurate to who I was, but others caught me by surprise. Let’s discuss further.

The colors of your aura range from yellow to blue, and they all have different meanings. My main colors were green and yellow, with green being around my head and in my center. The color in your center is considered your basic nature and personality color, and according to my aura report, green personalities are focused on having a harmonious, balanced life, and they also enjoy helping others. Here I was, thinking I craved balance because I’m a Libra, but it’s possible I may have a double dose of this quality. Greens are also social, crave happiness, love expressing themselves, love spending time in nature, and are all about living an abundant life.


And remember what I said earlier about always wanting to get a deeper sense of myself? Well, my report also said greens “are constantly growing, processing, and integrating body, mind, and spirit. Spirituality means balance and harmony to greens. Being in contact with fellow human beings and nature is being connected to God. Friendship, love, and understanding are important to greens. Oneness is a concept that is second nature to them.”

The majority of what was in my report about my aura captured me perfectly, i.e., how I think, how I live and want to live. It also gave me introspection into who I am and why I am this way. The report also listed my aura power. Your aura power is the energy that radiates around you and it ranges from small (0-40%), middle or average (40-75%) and large or wide (75-100%). My aura was 50%, which means I have a strong presence and radiant energy. A small aura indicates a low energy level and a large aura indicates a strong and powerful radiance.

Next were my chakras. For the most part, my chakras were all positive, but there was one chakra I didn’t know I was struggling with. Our chakras are our body energy centers and we have seven: root, sacral (navel), solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The root is at the base of the spine and it represents life energy, the sacral represents creativity and productivity, solar plexus represents creative and intellectual thinking, heart represents unconditional love and forgiveness, throat represents communication and expression, third eye represents intuition and artistic thoughts, and crown represents spirituality and enlightenment.


My root and third eye were both sitting high at a seven followed by my sacral, which was a 6. My throat, crown, and solar plexus were all a 5. However, my heart chakra was sitting low at a 3 and I was stunned. Am I not loving to others? Am I not giving myself enough love? I mean, attending a wellness retreat is a form of self-love, right? While my thoughts were all over the place, I was quickly informed of some reasons why my heart chakra could be low. To sum it up, I was told that I may be struggling with opening up to others because I’m not sure if they will accept all of me. But as long as I show up and give love to others, I will be accepted.

The explanation made a lot of sense considering that I do sometimes struggle with opening up to people based on past experiences. However, I’m in a time in my life where I have acknowledged things about myself and am actively working on it. It’s possible that there are other reasons why my heart chakra needs some work, but overall, the results of my aura and chakra reading were spot on.

Have you ever gotten an aura/ chakra reading before? If so, how was your experience?

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