How To Overcome A Midday Slump
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How To Overcome A Midday Slump

So, you've been working from home for the last several weeks, and it started out being awesome! Being able to roll out of bed and log on from your laptop in your pajamas seemed like a dream come true. But at this point, you're entering Month #3, and honestly, you're losing steam. It feels like you've been working harder at home than you ever did in the office. More meetings, more calls, more THINGS to get done.

If you're like me, this remote work grind has been so rough that you find yourself ready to tap out by lunchtime. So what can you do to get that second wind and push through that midday slump to finish the day strong?

Here are a few ideas:

Block your calendar for “Personal Time”.


Set aside some time to just focus on you. Step away from your laptop. Don't take any calls. Give your mind a break from anything work-related. This will allow you to decompress and refocus on what needs to get done without feeling bombarded. You can also set aside 20-30 minutes of your personal time to completely reset your brain and take a power nap. Naps worked when we were kids and needed an energy boost, why not use them now?

Take an exercise break.

If you've been sitting down at your computer all morning, use your midday break to get a quick workout in. If your gym hasn't reopened, go for a walk or run. Also, YouTube has a gazillion free workouts that you can do right in your living room that will get the blood flowing and release those good endorphins to help your productivity in the second half of your work day.

Switch tasks. 

If you're working on something that is tedious or monotonous, switch it up! Get a jumpstart on that new presentation that will allow you to use your creativity. Begin outlining that project that you pitched to management and FINALLY got greenlighted. That creative energy will help you to push through that midday wall, and now you'll have more stamina to pivot back to your other required tasks.

Change your environment.


If you find that your work environment at home isn't conducive to you maintaining energy throughout the day, try changing locations. If you have an office, try working from another part of the house or sitting near a window where the sunlight can wake you up. Take some of your afternoon calls outside if you can. Have a friend with WiFi who lives nearby? Try working from their place for a complete change of scenery (be sure to stay six feet apart, of course! #socialdistancing).

Turn on some tunes!

Nothing energizes me like music. So, if 1pm rolls around, and you feel yourself hitting the wall or your eyelids are beginning to get heavy, try turning on one of your favorite albums and let it wake your brain back up. Not sure what to play? Here's a pro tip: Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the epic Verzuz battles on IG: Swizz Beatz vs. Timbaland, Lil Jon vs. T-Pain, Babyface vs. Teddy Riley, and of course Erykah Badu vs. Jill Scott. Tidal has been out here doing the Lord's work to create playlists capturing the set lists from each of these battles right after they end, so you can pull those up and just let them run. Boom! Instant catalogue of hits to play throughout the day.



I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but if you are constantly fading by the afternoon, you may not be getting enough rest in the first place. Spend some time evaluating your sleep patterns and if you know you've been skimping on your beauty sleep, give yourself a bedtime. This will help you to hold yourself accountable and make sure you're getting adequate rest to be your most productive every day.

You can conquer that midday slump before it conquers you. It's all about switching up your routine, taking true "no-work" breaks, and of course getting real sleep so that you can have enough energy to carry you through a full day!

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