How I'm Getting Over The Marriage Bug This Wedding Season

Tips to navigating this wedding season effortlessly


Let's just be honest with ourselves for a moment, shall we? When you're over the age of 25, if you're like me, you start to see all of your friends pairing off. Getting married, having little humans, and buying houses.

The freelancer in me screams at the thought of so much commitment…but the fairytale-loving, Prince Charming-hopeful at the age of 27, yearns for such tell-tale signs of maturity. What's a girl to do?

My journey is normal; I started off listening to the words of the elders. They warned me of not being married by a certain age and the many horrors that come along with not conceiving before 30.

Well, to that I say: F*CK THAT.

After the third wedding I attended in the span of two years, I knew I couldn't listen to the drowning thoughts of yesteryear and had to pave a trail that suited me best. Let me make myself clear, I am very happy for those that choose to get married young, best of luck to you and I pray you've found everlasting, eternal love that never ends and grows stronger by the day...yada yada yada. But as for me and my house, we are waiting.

Let's be real though, the five-year-old girl within us all is screaming that she wants to be the bride and not just the attendee. Suppress those thoughts and follow me into the Promised Land with these 3 helpful tips to surviving wedding season:

Don't be jealous, get zealous!

The way that I get zealous is by finding really great wedding gifts that seem helpful for the couple. Shopping is every woman's aphrodisiac, so the time spent will be fun, and then you'll be able to get a great gift that a friend can use for their impending life. I'm a huge believer in karma or reaping what you sow. If you put out happy energy for other people, happy energy returns to you. Let's be honest, when you're hitting the pavement, heading to your 9-5, you'll want that positive energy.

Show up ready to stunt.

Now, being that you're not the bride, you can never wear white. But you can rock the sleekest and sexiest wedding outfit you can find. Girl, this is your chance to be fine for no reason, eat free food, drink, dance, and not worry about the future…because it's not your wedding! I won't lie, I'm usually wasted.

Affirm your ass off.

I know it sounds weird at first, but when you consistently remind yourself of what you've accomplished, who you are, and your goals and plans for the future, you won't feel swayed at the sight of the impending nuptials. Every day leading up to the wedding, read quotes, affirm yourself that your choices are RIGHT FOR YOU, and never allow anyone to make you feel bad for your decisions. Ultimately, they're yours.

Keep in mind my ladies in waiting, wedding season can be fun, exhausting, and absolutely tormenting, but it can also be great if you're set with the right tools. Happy wedding season lovebirds!

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