This Viral Tweet Proves Why We Shouldn’t Be 'Exclusively Dating' In Relationships

This Viral Tweet Proves Why We Shouldn’t Be 'Exclusively Dating' In Relationships

It's the turning tables for me #kanyeshrug.

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Dating in 2021. For some it can be a dumpster fire. For others, it can be...nice.

Personally, ya girl is off the market, and—thank God—not having to juggle the chaos of swiping left or right. But for those who are out there still seeking Boaz, the horror stories I've heard, seen, and read about, can range from “just not working out," all the way to plain ole creepy.

And sometimes...this shit is just entertaining AF.

Case in point, Twitter user, Janae Music, sent the internet up (cause it’s stuck) when she tweeted the following:


To translate, she went on a date with a guy, but saw her 'favorite guy' while out on that date. But instead of him blowing up her spot or ending the courtship, in the mature move of the century, he instead decided to take her out the next day (because he knows what he wants, mostly—don't let that go over your head fellas).

And once everyone began reacting, she defended her situation by saying that she's not exclusive with either and that she's only been dating them for a short period of time. Soooooo, basically, sis said she can do what she wants!

As she should.


"Exclusively dating" is a topic of conversation that's been circling the waters like a great white for the past few years, mostly once women discovered that we too can date around and see what situations work in the best interest of ourselves. It's newly applauded, and damnit, what took so long?!

Of course, men like to cry and pout at the idea of us doing what they have done for centuries (because, ego), buttttt ladies, it's real out here!

Why should we be the only ones putting all of our eggs in one basket?

I mean, God forbid a woman does what's best for her, right? *eye roll*


And make no mistake, exclusively dating is not the same as entering a relationship, but we're not here for that convo, we're here to discuss the topic at hand. Should we be exclusively dating while shopping around? And is not doing so still frowned upon?

Well, of course the innanet weighed in Janae's dating life, as almost 90,000 likes later, the praise and the hate, alike, came rolling in.

The fellas couldn’t fathom the idea:


Because, again, ego:



But most of the ladies didn’t care:


And the applause kept coming in:


And some loved it:


Some explained it:


And some knew that doing so was best:


But regardless on how you feel about it, Janae wants the guys to know that for the ladies, it’s simple:

We have options.

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