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It’s Time To Up Your DBL Game

If you’re navigating the dating streets in 2024, you have to be fluent in speaking single-ese. There’s an unspoken language between two dating prospects where each person must tetter a delicate line between non-verbal cues, decoding tone-less texts, and reading between lines that may or may not be there.

It’s safe to say that it can be confusing and even frustrating having to decide between playing it cool while still showing interest in suitors. Thankfully, we now have insights on how to get clear on Digital Body Language (DBL) to (hopefully) end these vicious guessing games once and for all.

What Is DBL?

Hinge recently released their latest D.A.T.E (Data, Advice, Trends, and Expertise) Report from its team of expert Ph.D. researchers. The report provides fresh insights derived from a survey of 15,000 daters, highlighting the predominant trends and dating habits of Gen Z in the year 2024, one of which is DBL.

According to Hinge, DBL is “all the subtexts that are strewn throughout digital communication.” From emojis, punctuation, message length, and response time, these subtle, nonverbal cues give singles a hint about whether a person is into them or not. It's the subtle art of reading between the lines, or rather, between the characters in a text.

In the report, Hinge found that 77% of its users say a match’s DBL reveals a lot about their intentions, with 69% of Hinge daters relying on DBL to decide if they want to commit to going out with someone.

The report highlights a common theme among online daters dealing with the anxieties of interpreting the social cues of their potential matches — which is still an uncharted communication barrier within the digital realm.

TikTok creator Stacy Thiru shared in a video the times that she’s jumped to conclusions and misunderstood things in her dating life until understanding the power of DBL. “All this time I’m jumping, leaping, sky diving to conclusions, and the problem was I wasn’t understanding his DBL,” she says.


wedding invites coming soon, wait until stink & I get this DBL sorted🙈 check the link in my bio for the full Hinge Gen Z Date Report #hingepartner

Decoding Signs of Interest Through DBL

Generally speaking, reading between the lines of every person you date is already hard enough. Each person is coming into a new dating encounter with their own set of experiences, expectations, triggers, and attachment style, so even with a new understanding of what DBL is, there’s still room for grace and understanding from person to person. Because, let’s admit, how one person communicates digitally, may not be how the next one will.

That’s why when it comes to decoding DBL and adopting a more direct approach to communication, Hinge's Love and Connection Expert, Moe Ari, highlights the top signs of DBL that indicate interest.

They Initiate The Conversation:

“Taking the time to look at someone’s profile [on Hinge] and reply to a Prompt is a great way to make it clear you’re interested in chatting. 3 out of 4 Hinge daters say that initiating a conversation is a strong indicator that someone is interested. So, instead of waiting around for someone else to kick things off, step outside your comfort zone and try sending the message first.”

There Is Consistent Messaging:

“Are they using open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing and replying with empathetic responses? When someone takes the time in their day to message you back and forth and ask questions, it makes you feel special. So it’s no surprise that messaging consistency is one of the most important DBL cues for Hinge daters.”

They Double Text:

“This is one of the most over-analyzed DBL signs out there! Does it show you’re too eager, or is it just a casual stream of thought? Only 13% of daters say double-texting gives them 'the ick,' so it’s time to put the fear aside and embrace it. Show them you are interested and want to chat!”

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