5 Girl Bosses Share Their Favorite Winter Nail Colors

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When I was a little girl, my mom always stressed a few things when it came to presentation: make sure your clothes are always ironed and clean, keep your hair primp, and always have your nails clean, filed, and looking nice.

And whether it's been a single color or ornate, crazy designs, making sure my nails look great has always been something I've (at least tried) to uphold. It can say so much about your personality, and more importantly, can be a conversation starter no matter where you're at.

With the colder months upon us, you may be wondering what type of nail colors are good for you to try out. For me, I love going to for a deep, rich red on the nail, but also know nothing beats a clear coat with a design for lasting effects. I grabbed 5 boss babes to share what their favorite winter shade is and why:

Morgan Pitts


What She Does:

Online Sales Specialist at Gucci/Founder & Creator-in-Chief of BlackGirlsWhoBlog

What She Loves:

OPI, "My Dogsled Is A Hybrid"

Why She Loves It:

"I either wear it as is with a top coat or paint some glitter polish on the tips for a fun and festive look. I love this nail shade for winter because it isn't your typical green, which makes it a bit refreshing from both the classic Christmas colors and cliché 'dark for fall/winter' hues."

Kia Marie


What She Does:

Content Creator/Influencer

What She Loves:

Essie, "Downtown Brown"

Why She Loves It:

"My favorite nail color to wear this season is 'Downtown Brown' by Essie! It's a really nice oxblood color that definitely matches my current mood - moody and vampy. I love it because I wear a lot of red and dark lipsticks, and it really pairs well with them."

Christine Cauthen

What She Does:

Lead Editor, 21Ninety

What She Loves:

Artistic Colour Revolution, "Hotness"

Why She Loves It:

"I wear attention-grabbing shades like 'Hotness' during the winter because I think nails can be the best accessory. My wardrobe is largely made up of versatile neutral shades, but a statement-making nail color or a bold lip shade keeps things interesting. 'Hotness' is a great holiday color, but it will also add extra flair to the often-dull later parts of winter."

Christina Brown


What She Does:

Founder, LoveBrownSugar

What She Loves:

Ginger & Liz, "Best I've Ever Had"

Why She Loves It:

"I love this color because it's the perfect nude for brown girls and it's made by brown girls (even better)."

Ashley Dunn


What She Does:

Wardrobe Stylist/Influencer

What She Loves:

OPI, "Alpine Snow"

Why She Loves It:

"White is a neutral that I love. It goes with all of my looks; so I never have to worry about my nail polish matching a look no matter if I'm in color or print. This year, I started getting my nails dipped using a technique called 'dipping' using the same polish but in a powder form. I love this technique, because it allows the white to last 2 weeks or more without chipping or staining. It's a win-win for me!"

What is your favorite nail shade to rock in the cooler seasons? Let us know in the comments down below!

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