Zendaya Has A Word For Workaholics & Achievement Addicts

Stopping to smell the roses can seem impossible when you're planting seeds to grow an empire.

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Hello. I'm Taylor. And I'm achievement addict.

I set a goal, I cross it off. I set a goal, cross it off. It's a pattern I've fallen into that gives me a rush every time another cycle is completed—a rotation that I've gotten so familiar with, you would think I was Mary Jane herself. But the truth is, this repetitive routine has been detrimental to my mental health.

By not celebrating my small wins and moving on to the next goal every time the last one has been checked off, I fall into a cycle of feeling like I've done nothing. Feeling overworked and underwhelmed by my progress, I'm unable to take pride in my work because I never took the time to actually acknowledge the work I've done.

But last weekend, Zendaya had a word for workaholics and achievement addicts alike that just may be the secret to saying goodbye to your midweek slump and hello to a new perspective.

The 23-year-old Euphoria actress recently accepted GQ Australia's Women of the Year Award and reminded us all that the present is a present, so be present, sis. Zendaya started off her acceptance speech stating that although she was grateful to receive the award, she's just getting started on her trek to womanhood.

"Woman of the Year, that's kind of crazy considering that I'm just 23 years old and trying to figure out how to become a woman myself."

She went on to explain that she's also a member of the Goal Digger's Club and has to often remind herself to take a moment to breathe:

"I feel like sometimes I go, and I go, and I go — and I think a lot of us can relate to this — but you go so hard and sometimes you forget to just kind of stop and take in moments like this."

Stopping to smell the roses can seem impossible when you're planting seeds to grow an empire, but Zendaya needs you to know that it doesn't take a whole day to recognize sunshine. So take 10 minutes today to water yourself.

"Sometimes, I feel like I work so much I forget about life, and to actually be present in these kinds of moments where you can look around the room amongst people that you appreciate and just take it in. And just be happy...and just be alive for a second. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take a second, look around, and be like 'Holy shit, this is happening. Pretty cool.'"

Gratitude is priceless, and it costs $0.00 to take in the moment.

"Please, everyone take a look around at just how beautiful everything is. And just enjoy it."

Featured image by Instagram/Zendaya.

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