Yvonne Orji Knows That To Be A Powerful Woman Is To Be A Spiritual One
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Yvonne Orji Knows That To Be A Powerful Woman Is To Be A Spiritual One

Yvonne Orji has made it into the hearts of many through her role as Molly from HBO's Insecure. And what always intrigues me about her is how drastically different her life off-screen seems to be from the character that she plays.

For example, Molly Carter is the originator of the "hoetation", whereas Yvonne is saved and shared her decision to wait until marriage to have sex. Molly is this driven lawyer with a detailed plan to get to the top, while Yvonne is much like many of us, unsure but certain that they are on their way and learning the importance of swerving from time to time. While all of that can easily be attributed to great acting, in her interview with Oprah Magazine, this beautiful, spiritual, gifted, pantsuit-rocking author and actress gives us a glimpse of the real her.

Yvonne is from a Nigerian family with extremely high expectations of her, especially when it comes to her education and her career. Though she wanted nothing more than to live out her parents' expectations of her to become a doctor, she learned very soon that high-school science and college-level chemistry was different-different:

"You get that first D, and you're like, 'Is this for deliverance? What is this D for? I'm confused.'"

She then decided to get her masters in public health from George Washington University, where she found out that one of her gifts was comedy when her back was against the wall to come up with a talent for a beauty pageant she entered. She said that she came up with the idea after much prayer and the Holy Spirit directed her on a road that laughter and success would soon follow, evidence of the magic that happens when you use your God-given gifts while on the path He set out for you.

Spirituality is what guides and grounds Yvonne on her journey, a lesson passed down by her mother who she credits for shaping her power and strength as a woman:

"'Yvonne, let me tell you this. Remember to be nice to everybody you meet, because you never know if you're entertaining angels without your knowledge.' ...That was a powerful moment of character and integrity, and what it really meant to be a human in this world, beyond man or woman. I've taken those lessons and work ethic with me, and I think that helps me be my most powerful self."

The positivity that circulates from operating from values that emphasize putting positive energy into the world as much as possible makes it completely understandable why she is so blessed. With her feet rooted in spirituality, Yvonne has been able to navigate through a life that was probably beyond her wildest dreams, and after learning more about her journey thus far, it really has me thinking about what would come of our lives if we prayed twice as much as we stress. When it comes to the question of what is next on the horizon for this rising star, she wants us to trust the process:

"I still have my vision board from years ago, because I'm waiting for everything to come to pass. I have big dreams—I've given God a big bag to fill. That's what He likes best, because when you give Him a small bag, it's like, You can do that yourself. Why'd you bother me?"
"I have long legs, and I walk with a purpose. People might think, is she in a hurry? Nah, but I've got work to do. There's domination that has to happen."

Read her interview here.

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