Grab Bae & Book A Flight To One Of These Last-Minute Romantic Destinations

Grab Bae & Book A Flight To One Of These Last-Minute Romantic Destinations

Want to get away with your bae on short notice? Have no fear.


Sometimes, you don't realize you need a baecation until you've finished a hectic week at work, which has left little to no time to spend with your love.

If you've find yourself needing some rest and relaxation with your significant other on short notice, have no fear. Below, there are plenty of last-minute romantic destinations that you and your partner can plan and book at a whim, just in time to celebrate the month of love:

Napa Valley, California

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Vineyards in Napa Valley in California

Speaking of a glass of wine, Napa Valley is a great romantic getaway for all wine lovers alike. The gorgeous vineyards have tastings, tours, and full-fledged meals to go with extremely rare bottles of wine. Arrange for you and your sweetheart to tour through a variety of vineyards, or pick and choose your favorite. Afterwards, you can enjoy a show at Napa Valley's Opera House, ringing in a truly memorable romantic getaway.

In addition, lovers of nature can glide along a well-worn mountain trail on the seat of a bicycle or go hiking; foodies can discover perfectly smoked charcuterie or wedges of handcrafted cheese; and fans of music, film, and art can find events, large and small, scattered throughout the region.

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Originally published on February 12, 2019