All The Times Tracee Ellis Ross Radiated Main Character Energy

She set the bar for solo travel and wears Bottega while sitting on the floor. What doesn't she do!?

Tracee Ellis Ross

OK, so I don't know about you, but Tracee Ellis Ross keeps me on my toes. Anytime I need fashion, gym, or beauty motivation, I know she is who I can run to to keep me together, an energy she has kept her entire career. She's relatable, although she is absolutely not relatable (because her entire life is a flex), but she still reigns supreme as the mascot of Black women.

Loud and proud.

In honor of her main character energy ways, here are 8 times Tracee Ellis Ross radiated being the main character of one's life.

The time she shined a light on Black designers when hosting the AMA's:

Tracee Ellis Ross is nottttt shy about crediting Black designers, which she wore on the big stage of the American Music Awards. She hosted the show and shared more information on her looks on Instagram via a screenshot of her Notes app.

"Not every piece I wore was by a Black designer, but I wore a Black designer in every look and Pat McGrath on my face."

She says it was a story she wanted to tell through her clothing, and her stylist, Karla Welch, made it happen.

"I was inspired by Issa Rae and Jason Rembert, who did it first at the CFDA Awards in June. I strongly believe in using my platform to shine light in directions I believe in, love, and celebrate my people."

When she actually was a main character in one of the best sitcoms in television history. TWICE:

Tracee may currently be known for her role as Rainbow Johnson on ABC's Blackish, but it was Joan Clayton on Girlfriends that placed her as cultural royalty. It began airing September 2000, and ran for eight seasons (including two on successor CW). In fact, the show was so legendary, it spawned another classic, spinoff, The Game.

"We were dealing with a lot of very real topics. We dealt with HIV, chlamydia, sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, colourism, classism… all of these kinds of dynamics that come up as Black women, we were really diving in on 20 years ago, and I just feel so proud of the work we did, particularly because of how relevant it still feels."

When she strolled through Paris, stopped traffic, and made the girls stare:

Tracee looked mesmerizing as she wandered around in a beautiful flowing sheer dress that featured a ruched front, and an elaborate train that looked blew in the wind for the gawds. She looked stunning as people stopped and stared, and the internet went crazy as we all declared that Tracee is now the new owner of the color pink. #fightme

Or the time she existed in a world where her mother was THE Diana Ross:

Although her real name is Tracee Joy Silberstein, she is very much so a 'Ross.' And she is ever-so inspired by her mother Diana Ross in every single way. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, she told guest host Sean Hayes that she gets a kick out of recreating throwback photos of her musical legend mama.

"I had this necklace, of hers and I think it was a necklace attached to a jumpsuit she wore in Mahogany, and I have always said, every time I see the picture, I'm like 'Oh my god I have that necklace!' I steal stuff from her. I kind of love doing it."

When she won the 'Fashion Icon Award' at the People's Choice Awards:

Tracee Ellis Ross has been in the spotlight her entire life, and last year she was honored for her always-impeccable style. The actress took home the style icon award at the 2020 People's Choice Awards. Ross told E!:

"As I was coming out of the womb, I was like 'Sparkles! Where's the feathers! Give 'em to me, fashion, I love fashion! It started very young. I come by it honestly, my mom is Diana Ross, she's the fashion icon that I actually follow. My father also has impeccable taste."

She also credits her fashion sense to her mom and her 'epic closet.'

When she showed off her unapologetic joy just because:

I mean, if there were ever a photo definition of a flex, I'm sure this one ranks somewhere up there.

When she decided to be more of a boss and create a natural haircare line:

Tracee Ellis Ross' efforts to highlight diversity, equity and inclusion certainly do not stop in Hollywood. In 2019, after years of being asked for her hair secrets, Ross launched her line of natural hair products, Pattern Beauty, ultimately to fill a void she had personally witnessed in beauty and culture. In fact, she spent 10 whole years fine-tuning her vision to embrace the "authentic" beauty of Black hair.

"My journey in hair care started with my own personal journey. The mission of the brand is to meet the needs of the curly, coily and tight texture community."

To date, Pattern has a partnership with numerous large retailers, and even landed Tracee a role as Ulta's newest high-profile diversity and inclusion adviser.

When she wore feathered Bottega around the house, because you know, it's Tuesday:

Here's Tracee, ladies and gentlemen, causally sitting on the floor of her home in a Bottega Veneta pre-fall collection, feathered pantsuit.

And finally, when she set the bar for solo travel, all while breaking the internet:

Ross holds nothing back in establishing her regal main character status on Instagram. And her solo vacations are legendary, as every year, she gives us our travel goals, and shows us how to do it right. She has said:

"I think that was a big growth opportunity for me as I was coming of age and learning how to be on my own. I'm very comfortable traveling alone and being my own best friend."

Now all we need, are her lessons on how to break the internet too.

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