Tiffany Haddish's Reaction To Meeting Oprah Is Literally All Of Us
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Tiffany Haddish's Reaction To Meeting Oprah Is Literally All Of Us

Tiffany Haddish is a lot of things— an actress, comedian, your homegirl, etc. And when she met Oprah, she was "us."

This week, Tiffany Haddish stopped by The Ellen Show, and things went from 0 to "Oprah" real quick. While Ellen was casually asking the Girls Trip actress about her past encounters with the mogul, Haddish revealed she met Oprah once, when she was as an extra on the set of a movie Winfrey was producing.

According to the 39-year-old comedian, her on-set humor with castmates caught Oprah's attention, prompting Winfrey to encourage Haddish to keep in touch, via letters:

"Back in the day, when I was a professional extra — because I didn't just come out of nowhere, I been in this business a minute — I did this movie called, 'Their Eyes are Watching God," and I was an extra, and it was a movie that Oprah was producing, and she had walked by and I was making all the extras laugh and stuff and I was telling jokes and she was like, 'You're a very funny young lady,' and I was like (imitatesnervous laughter).
"[Then Oprah] was like, 'What's your name?' And I was like, "My name is Tiffany Haddish, and I'm a standup comedian,' and she was like, 'Keep me updated on your career. Write me, let me know what you got going on. I love comedy.'
"So I would write her and I never got any replies. I think because there was a lot of misspellings or something because I wasn't a good reader at the that time, so I definitely wasn't a good writer. But I'm better now. But she never wrote back."

What happened next was straight out of a movie. In true Ellen Degeneres fashion, the host surprised an unsuspecting Haddish, and brought out Winfrey:

Ellen: "Let's ask her why she didn't write back. Oprah, why didn't you write back?"
Oprah: "I didn't write back because —"

Of course this led to a wave of emotions, tears, and Tiffany completely fan-girling while basking in Oprah's ambience! After an exchange of "I love you's," Oprah admitted that she lost Tiffany's letter:

Tiffany: But I sent you like six!
Oprah: Everybody on my team knows... never send a letter to me. I'll tell you who to send them to. But how are you doing?
Tiffany: I'm so happy. I'm good. There is so much opportunity in the world. When I woke up today, I just knew it was going to be magical. I knew it, I looked at myself and said, "Girl, today is going to be a magical day. And it is!"

And magic it was.

We can't imagine all the "360" feels Haddish had at that very moment in her life and career. To have met Oprah on the set of her movie as an extra 12 years ago, to now sharing a stage with her. From be extra to being on Ellen. #RealLifeGoals

And it looks like Oprah's magic kept spreading. Not long after the show, Haddish announced that she will be hosting the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, making her the first Black woman to ever host the show. Congrats!

Watch the beautiful moment between the comedian and the media mogul unfold in the video below.

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