Does Your Dating Past Matter? Tiffany Haddish Says She Once Turned Down Common Because Of His

When it comes to someone you're interested in, at what point does their dating history matter?

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Ladies, have we ever dated an acquaintance's ex? A friend's ex? And ex's friend? With the dating pool being as shallow as a kiddie section of the water park, from time to time, we may find ourselves unintentionally falling for someone that may have a little stain on their resume. But should we take this into consideration before dating? When it comes to someone you're interested in, at what point does their dating history matter to what you're trying to build?

Well, according to Tiffany Haddish, our favorite unproblematic couple, almost didn't happen. On a recent visit to Stephen Colbert, Haddish said of Common:

"He was, like, tryna holler, and I was like…'Um…no, I'm not really interested. I'm good. My eyes are set on other things. I'm interested in somebody else. I'm sorry. But you seem like a nice person.'"

But her reasonings, had little to do with who he was, and more about her knowing his exes in their overlapping circle of friends.

"'I know too many people that dated you, let's be honest.' I didn't say that, though. You know. You know."

And although she never named names, yes sis, we know.

Ultimately minds were changed and they entered a steady relationship, swiping Common off the market as her boyfriend, a term she corrected Colbert on, immediately.

"He's not my boyfriend, he is my man. I don't date boys no more."

Whew, write it down, take a picture, tattoo it on my forehead, alladat. I feel you sis.

And apparently, Haddish has the juice because she managed to do the impossible, and got "The Light" rapper to participate with her in a hot af video for the recent 'Silhouette Challenge.'

"It was quite a negotiation, let me tell you. So, I'm like, I want to shoot this video, I need you to be in it with me. And he was like, 'No, that's not really my style, I'm not known for that, that's really not my thing.'"

Which is when the bribery came into play. Eventually, he gave into love and decided to participate. Eighteen takes later, we got the video that shook the internet (because he got into it and wanted it to be perfect).

A tribute to a great boyfriend--excuse me, man--which she has always sung praises of him, once telling, People:

"What I love about him is I can be silly. We laugh together, and we can have really deep conversations. And we do argue, but it's not like mean words being tossed at each other, or trying to tear each other's character down. It's more like grown-ups. And I don't think I've ever been in a relationship where, if I have an argument with somebody, they are not calling me out on my name or trying to belittle me.
"This is my first time being in a relationship with somebody who's not trying to make me turn my light out. [He's] trying to get me to make my light shine even bigger and motivate me. That is very different for me: supportive, encouraging. It's refreshing."

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mary, Jah, Allah...I see what you have done for others...

Would you consider dating someone despite their dating history?

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