See The New Trend Of Black TikTokers Transforming Harry Potter's Hogwarts Into HBCUs
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See The New Trend Of Black TikTokers Transforming Harry Potter's Hogwarts Into HBCUs

Black TikTokers did it again! They have transformed our childhood dream school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, into an HBCU. The latest trend had TikTokers rename Hogwarts to Hogwarts Agricultural and Magical University, and fans cannot get enough. Just imagine you received your HAMU acceptance letter. Now, fast forward several months ahead…

The Hogwarts boats just dropped you and your peers off at the illustrious Hogwarts Agricultural and Magical University or HAMU. Some of the first things you all see are your Orientation Guides, and the legendary marching band – including majorettes adorned in the school colors.


Replying to @sydlavoix Drunk theory lol Open up your eyes and your minds people!!!!! But Hogwarts was the First HU!!!! This is a all jokes people don’t fight me lol #hogwartslegacy #harrypotter #hbcu #ravenclaw #gryffindor #hufflepuff #slytherin #fyp

As the band plays, the Greeks from each house stroll through the court, letting you know whose house is the most supreme. You quickly see the house you hope you’re inducted to, but you won’t know until “The Sorting Ceremony.” There you meet future friends and classmates, witness the floating ghosts and tables painted with various cuisines, and now, the moment of truth. It’s your turn to wear the Sorting Hat. Which house will you be given?

At last, you got the house you wanted. Your roommates passed the vibe check, and now, time to get ready for your first house party.


Tell Dean to call me! I’m at HBCU Hogwarts’ Pretty Nasty 2023 showing out 😂 #greenscreen #hogwarts #harrypotter #hamu #hogwartslegacy #hogwartsHBCU #HBCU #divine9 #strolling #ravenclaw

The Hogwarts HBCU trend originated from a Slytherin common room meme that recently became popular after the release of the Hogwarts Legacy video game. Instantly, Harry Potter fans took sides and repped their houses. Stroll videos from Mel Mitchell (@Thebaddestmitch) and Nkechinyere K. Kizer (@Bubblingbrwnsugar) popped up and set off a weekend-long battle that TikTokers would never forget.

Not too long after came orientation videos, step shows, and a personal favorite, the homecoming concert with Rihanna as the headliner. Thank you, @Mushroom_cosplays, for that one. Countless other Black TikTokers made this trend their own and BODIED IT!

One of the best parts of this entire trend is the paraphernalia that came with it. I’m not sure about you, but I have a few sweaters in my cart now waiting for me to rep. In addition, some TikTokers are planning a “Homecoming” meetup at the Hollywood and Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios later this year.

The birth of HAMU is why I love my people—allowing the world to see what makes HBCUs unique by bringing in HBCU traditions and culture. Also, as a fellow Clark Atlanta University alum, I enjoy seeing fellow HBCU graduates share their experiences for everyone to enjoy. One thing we as a people will always do is put our twist on a trend and make it relatable for and to us. But do you know what makes this magical trend even better? It kicked off at the end of Black History Month.

However, as we all know, BHM doesn’t start or end in February, nor does this trend.

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Feature image by @thebaddestmitch/ TikTok

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