Here's What's Different About Season Four Of 'Ready To Love'
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Here's What's Different About Season Four Of 'Ready To Love'

"It's spicy, but with Mambo sauce."

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I'm so excited because one of my favorite unscripted shows is back. OWN's Ready to Love is a dating series that follows professionals over 30, looking for long-lasting relationships. Hosted by Nephew Tommy, it follows singles who desire true connections and are grouped together to find them.

Each week the power shifts between the men and women in a process of elimination. In the end, three couples remain that will hopefully find love. Past seasons were in Atlanta and Houston, but season four takes place in Chocolate City, Washington, D.C. xoNecole got the opportunity to attend the show's media roundtable, where we got a bit of tea about the season, singles, and their journey to finding love.

And as Camille, one of the participants, put it, "This season is spicy, with Mambo sauce."

But it wasn't easy, the singles dealt with a lot of issues before and during the fast-paced dating series. "There is one point where I literally almost came to tears. I couldn't go anywhere or hide, and the situation was right in front of my face," said Corey, 40.

The women reflected on what it's like living in a city where the ratio of women to men is 17:1, and how many guys in the area feel like they're the prize. Also, the men talked about the importance of substance over physical appearance and how difficult it was to see women who they were interested in dating other men. "If you like a good popcorn situation, this is the show for you. You're gonna get a little bit of everything. All types of flavors visually and many of us have very strong personalities and viewpoints," said Mumen, 36.

One thing Ready to Love always gives is realness, and by the personalities and clear intent, you can tell that's at an all-time high this season. These singles have gone to therapy, raised families, branched careers, and now they're not playing any games about finding their soulmate. "One thing I know for certain is that I am worthy of love. Throughout this self-discovery, I realize I have a lot of good love to give. And I do look forward to that next partner, that twin flame who can add to my life as opposed to taking away from it," added Libba, 44.

I knew D.C. was gonna bring the heat, and I'm excited to add Ready to Love back to the weekend kickoff routine! Make sure you tune in as well!

Season four of Ready to Love premieres Friday, October 15 at 8 p.m. EST on the OWN Network.

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