This Black Woman Got A Surprise Proposal In Front Of Adele, Lizzo & More
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This Black Woman Got A Surprise Proposal In Front Of Adele, Lizzo & More

Love was in the air at Adele's One Night Onlyspecial. The British singer gave fans an event of a lifetime with an intimate concert at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles that premiered Sunday, Nov. 14 on CBS.

There were celebrities in attendance such as Lizzo, Oprah, Drake, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, and many more. And while the audience was there to enjoy the angelic sounds of Adele, little did they know that they would also get to witness the proposal of a lifetime.

Adele One Night Only - Surprise Proposal

The "Hello" singer stopped her show and announced what was going to take place. As the lights went down, a man, Quentin Brunson, and a woman, Ashleigh Mann, walked out in front of the audience.

Quentin guided his blindfolded girlfriend down a path as she questioned what her beau was up to. As she took the blindfold off, she was caught off guard after realizing she was surrounded by a sea of people looking at her and Quentin, who was on bended knee.

Quentin started off his speech by thanking her for being patient with him. "I'm extremely proud of you and every day, you blow my mind," he said. "There's absolutely nothing that you can not do and I just know that you're going to be an amazing mother to our kids one day and I love you."

There were waterworks as he continued to praise Ashleigh, and while she too was crying she asked, "Who are these people?" Which made everyone laugh. After a lot of "Oh my God's" from Ashleigh, Quentin was finally able to pop the question to which she replied, "yes."

After the audience broke out into applause, Adele came out on stage, and Ashleigh's expression was priceless. The singer instructed the couple to sit down and enjoy the show and as they sat down, Ashley realized she was sitting next to Lizzo and comedian Melissa McCarthy, shocking her even more.

Adele began performing her hit song "Make You Feel My Love," which she also dedicated to the lovely couple. Quentin and Ashleigh spoke about the heartwarming moment with Gayle King on CBS Mornings.

Couple of 7 years gets engaged at "Adele One Night Only" CBS special

As to how the proposal came about, Quentin said he answered an ad that was looking for couples to propose and he had a feeling that he and Ashleigh would get chosen.

"They didn't give me a lot of information for the good because it would have made me more nervous. So I found out about it being Adele maybe a couple of days before it happened and I did not know who was going to be there in the audience," he said.

In fact, Quentin avoided looking at the audience so he wouldn't be as nervous. As far as what was going through Ashleigh's mind when blindfolded, she said, "I honestly thought we were going to go on a hayride," she said. "I'd been talking about going to the pumpkin patch so I just assumed we were doing something cool like that, but I saw him down on one knee and Adele was standing there, and I was like, 'Am I alive? This could be a dream.'"

The couple also had to keep their engagement under wraps until the special premiered. Quentin and Ashleigh have been together for seven years, which Ashleigh hilariously mentioned during the proposal that that was a "long time."

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