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Paula Patton Debuts Her New Love & Shares The Book That Helped Her "Call In" The One

Paula Patton has found love again.

The 48-year-old actress broke the news of her newfound love this past Valentine's Day on Instagram through an Instagram Reel of photos of the couple. The lucky man is former tennis player Prakash Amritraj, and in her caption honoring the day of love by debuting her beau in such a public way, Paula got real about her journey to "calling in" love after divorce.

In her caption, she shared that it was a year ago, on February 14, 2023, when she received a book that turned out to be divine alignment. The book titled Calling in 'The One': How to Attract the Love of Your Life in 7 Weeks arrived on Valentine's Day, and she recalled seeing it as a "sign" that it arrived in the mail on that day of all days.

After her high-profile relationship with Robin Thicke that ended in divorce after 21 years together, Paula shared that she had experienced years of being single. Opening the book might have been inspired by her desire for romantic love at the time, but what she found through reading it ended up being so much more.

"I had been single for a very long time and couldn’t remember the last time I had a Valentine, so I decided to begin reading it that day and do all the work the book suggested," she wrote in her caption. "It was an incredible journey of self-discovery where I called in myself and changed the wiring in my brain and the genetic patterns blocking me."

The book Paula read came with the promise of attracting the love of your life in 7 weeks, and while the Just Wright star said that wasn't her story, she did share that reading the book helped her call in to her life "better relationships with friends, work partnerships, and myself."

"And then it happened: I met Prakash, and today, a year later, I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with my love!" she wrote. "Prakash, you are a magnificent man with tremendous integrity. Life is full of laughter and joy with you! You are one of my greatest blessings! You take me on adventures and make me feel safe. You have my back, and I have yours. I love you."

Paula's new lease on life and love unfolded at a rich time during Paula's self-discovery journey to wholeness. After spending much of her life with her ex-husband, starting when the pair were just teenagers, the two formally split in 2014, with Paula alleging that there was infidelity and abuse, which led to an intense custody battle over the son the former couple share.

In a 2016 interview with Essence Live!, Paula spoke about her mixed emotions around being newly single but also how "freeing" it felt to be alone post-divorce. "It’s really nice, honestly, getting used to being alone. It’s freeing, it’s scary at the beginning. It’s really scary. But it’s something I’m coming to embrace and knowing that that’s really what it is now: learning to love yourself, enjoying your time with your friends, your family, and then it will sort itself out.”

Heartbreak isn't easy to navigate, and neither is starting over. Shout out to Paula for putting herself first and, in the end, being able to call into her life a love that is worthy of her love.

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