Nick Cannon Reveals His Body Insecurity In The Bedroom
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Nick Cannon Reveals His Body Insecurity In The Bedroom

"I've got to tell you, I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate."

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Nick Cannon is letting viewers in on a little secret about himself that is common with many people, yet surprising coming from the actor. On his self-titled talk show, the TV host along with a group of other men got vulnerable about their insecurities in the bedroom. Nick kicked it off by revealing his insecurity first.

“I’ve got to tell you, I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate,” he said. “I’ve been skinny my whole life, so therefore I’ve never liked to be completely naked [in the bedroom.]” He added, “It’s usually like, I hide under the covers. As much as I boast about being in shape.”

When comedian Chris Distefano chimed in to ask him if he “Winnie the Pooh it,” referring to the cartoon character that wears a shirt and no pants, the 41-year-old responded that he typically has “some type of clothes, some type of socks.”

While it may seem shocking to hear the comedian say that about himself, (especially since he’s very conscious about his health following his Lupus diagnosis), many fans could relate showing that he’s not alone.

Here are some other male celebrities who got candid about their insecurities.

Dwyane Wade

In ESPN’s 2016 Body Issue, Dwyane Waderevealed that he didn’t like walking around with his shirt off because of his body insecurities.

"When I got married to my wife [Gabrielle Union] ... I would never walk around on vacation with my shirt off. I would always have something on, something covered and she was like, 'What are you doing, you weirdo?'" he said.

"It took me a few years, even by myself in the house walking around naked."

Will Smith

In his memoir, Will Smith reflected on his famous scene in Bad Boys when he was running down the street with his shirt open.

While he thought that it would be “corny” to run with his shirt off, the film’s director Michael Bay thought otherwise.

"I wasn't yet secure with my new body," Smith wrote. At that time, the movie star had started developing muscles and he was still trying to get used to it. "The thought of standing around all day with no shirt on intimidated me."

However, with some pushing from Michael, they were able to reach a compromise, which allowed Will to still have on a shirt. "I felt like I wasn't completely naked and vulnerable, and Michael knew that the shirt would billow like a cape when I ran."

Steven G.

Model Steven G. rose to fame after his photoshoot for Savage X Fenty went viral. And while he has been viewed as a representation of body positivity, he hasn’t always felt confident in himself.

“I think there’s many instances where, even in the sense of dating, I may not have pursued someone because I didn’t necessarily have the confidence in my size,” he said in an August 2021 interview withThe Pitch.

“Like going to the pool, for instance, I would leave my shirt on versus taking it off because I wasn’t confident in my body.”

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