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Nick Cannon Recently Becoming A Dad For The 7th Time Is Actually For A Heartbreaking Reason

The multi-hyphenate is living by "be fruitful and multiply."

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Nick Cannon has been all over our scrolls for the past month or so for passing out babies like a shared appetizer. His first two kids, with mega mogul Mariah Carey, were his twins Morroccan and Monroe, who are now 10 years old. But as of late, he has added five more to his Cannon clan, all within less than a year. His most recent was born last week, with model Alyssa Scott.

She took to Instagram to confirm the news, saying:

"I will love you for eternity."


To date, Nick has 7 children: the previously mentioned Moroccan and Monroe, Golden Sagon Cannon, Powerful Queen Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, Zillion Heir Cannon, and Zen Cannon.

And while the world is all side-eyeing Nick, like 'where's his male birth control, sis??' as it turns out, the welcoming of his now-7th child, could be a long-term play for the mogul. In a clip from Nick's 2017 interview with Howard Stern, he openly speaks about his chances of not being here too much longer.

"When you experience near-death situations [and] life-threatening situations, it's honest. it's real. I feel like, yo, I'm running out of time. Every time I think I"m doing good, then I gotta go back to the f***ing hospital. And it's like, I almost died this time [from] the blood clots and sh**."

Cannon is then asked if he fears death, and his response is interesting considering how many children he has had in such a short span. He then broke all of our hearts and admitted:

"I don't fear it. I welcome it. I got to a space now where it's like I'm probably gonna die sooner than most people. I mean, that's what the doctors said. But I'm living life like 'F***! I might die in the morning, so let's f*** all night!' Why wear condoms, I might not be here tomorrow."

In January 2012, Nick was diagnosed with lupus kidney disease (also called lupus nephritis).

Although none of this excuses his behavior of flailing unmarried penis everywhere, it does highlight the fact that sometimes when literal death is on the line, you begin to look at life a bit differently. You start to think of your legacy more than your present, and this is what seems to be the case for him.

Cannon has yet to publicly address the many additions to his brood, as he is busy with the return of Wild N' Out and his upcoming Nick Cannon Daytime Talk Show (coming this Fall), but we can bet that he is saving his statements for each.

Wishing great health to Nick and his beautiful new additions!

Watch the clip of him discussing death below:

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