Amanda Seales On Why Marriage Isn't A Priority For Some Black Women
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Amanda Seales On Why Marriage Isn't A Priority For Some Black Women

Amanda Seales is not one to shy away from what tf she has to say. She is unmatched at gathering you by the collar, and she won't apologize for the way you feel afterward. She's blatantly black, and openly opinionated through and through. Watch what you say about her people, because sis has built an entire career on checking stereotypically formulated responses with logical carnage, all whilst bearing the burden of all emotional labor she takes on as an advocate of gathering your edges in the process. Sis is here for black people's uprising, and black people only, and she doesn't give af who doesn't like it--which is what we love the most about her.

Outside of a cultural heavyweight, Seales is also a savvy business woman, a comedienne and host. Through her comedy, she has perfected the art of interchangeably mixing cultural and political conversations; her primary focus being, and always being, protecting--and advocating--for the image of black women.

So when the subject came up in an interview with Refinery29, she pounced on it in the exact nature of how we would expect her to. When asked head on why black women marry later in life, have lower marital rates, and higher divorce rates than any other demographic, she responded:

"What comes to mind is that Black women have become very focused on our self-care and wellness. In doing so, we have really focused on making changes that the patriarchal society that we live in doesn't support yet. So, typically we are a head of the curve and this demonstrates that.There is a revolution among Black women and our independence. We have done the work but there seems to be a constant imbalance between us and what our partners are expecting of us."

She continued:

"We live in a world that has made actual efforts towards dismantling the Black family.We are in a society that consistently undervalues us. We are constantly in a political fight that gets in the way of our romantic togetherness. I believe that our power dynamics within relationships are less about whether we are getting paid equally or doing more work. It goes deeper historically and with the representation of what the Black family is. Look at the amount of images of couples in the media. It's not Black couples. It continues the pervasiveness that Black men and Black women can't exist together."

And she would know a bit on the subject of relationships, as Seales herself has proudly been flaunting around a new bae on the 'gram. She captioned a photo:

"I haven't claimed/been claimed by nann negro on this Gram for the 8 years I been on it...so y'all gon' get these pics lol"

A mentally checked-in sis, aware of the dynamics and challenges black women face in relationships--while simultaneously in a fresh, new, promising relationship--is something we can absolutely get behind. Amanda, we are here for this, girl! Here's to having a fulfilling and deserving relationship from now to always.

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