12 Natural Hairstyles That Will Have You Embodying Springtime Fine

12 Natural Hairstyles That Will Have You Embodying Springtime Fine

There's a lot to appreciate about the winter like hot chocolate, cozy blankets, holiday bliss, and a lot of nights cuddling with bae. One thing I don't appreciate about it is the harsh effects it has on our hair.

While it's somewhat of a chill season, it literally sucks the life and moisture out of our hair. The dryness in the air tends to cause the most breakage and split ends leaving us with no choice but to either opt into two-hour wash days (because our hair needs some extraaa conditioning) or protective styles so we don't have to deal with it as much. Regardless of your winter survival tactic of choice, spring is literally around the corner and our curls are about to bounce all the way back.

Here are a few jaw-dropping hairstyles you can slay this spring.

Pops Of Color

You can never really go wrong with a pop of color, whether it's permanent or just for a couple of weeks. It's a cute and fun way to switch things up a bit (hair wax is calling our name). Plus, the spring time is actually the best time to add color because it's not dying of dehydration and you don't get all the humidity of the summer negatively impacting yet.

Jumbo Knotless Braids

If you're not quite ready to give up the protective styles yet, this is for you sis. Knotless braids are a fun low-maintenance flirty style that you can switch up so many different ways. Wear it up or down or get really stylish and add flowers or other accessories to really add to the look.

Two Puffs

Don't sleep on this look, for most of us the puff is a go-to because it's simple and easy. It's also very versatile, it can either be really simple or super chic. Either way, it's an easy effortless style.

Flat Twisted Styles 

Flat twist styles are super low-maintenance and require very little manipulation, not to mention it's cute af. You can go for a full twisted style or leave out the back. Add a couple accessories and you are good to go.


Cornrows are always a dope style for any season, but you can really do it up like Cici did and add jewelry, flowers, or even beads. It's a simple and low-tension protective style that's good for your hair growth and edges.

A Fire Updo

Updos are a good style for having your hair out but not too much on your skin. For some of us, the weather really starts to heat up in the spring and this is a fun style to have your hair up and out of the way while still showing off your curls. It's also a style you can easily do on an old braid out or twist out.

Spiral Curls 

Switch up your curl style with a bouncy spiral curl using flexi or perm rods. It's an easy way to get guaranteed long-lasting voluminous curls without heat and with less shrinkage.

Braided Ponytails 

Braided ponytails are a fun alternative to a regular ponytail. You can rock it long or short and the best thing is, you can get multiple styles out of this one look. Whenever you get tired of the braids, you can either make two braided buns or just unbraid it all together and rock a wavy ponytail.

Passion Twists

Passion twists are another fun and flirty hairstyle that is perfect for spring. Something about it just gives off good weather-blooming vibes. You can go long or short and it's very easy to install either with the rubberband method or just cornrowing your hair and using the crochet method.

Just Wearing Your Fro’

Girl, I know your hair has been tucked away in a protective style for most of the winter, let your curls loose and show your natural curl pattern. You can never go wrong with just embracing your fro'.


The fauxhawk is an easy way to get an edgy hairstyle without having to fully commit to shaving the side of your head. Instead you can braid it, slick it down, or pin up all of your hair to the center of your head and still look like a badass. The fauxhawk with crochet hair is not only a style that will last but it's a fun and creative spin to the OG version of the hairstyle.

Pin Curls

Pin curls are a very popular hairstyle among straightened or blown out hair, but it still slays with your natural texture too. So if you're looking to switch up your twist out routine but you haven't quite figured out your flow with flexi rods, you can just keep it simple and pin it up.

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