Send Nudes: Monica Celebrated The Finalization Of Her Divorce In The Best Way

Finding the good in goodbye is a superpower, and Monica Brown is the hero we didn't know we needed.

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Finding the good in goodbye is a superpower, and Monica Brown is the hero we didn't know we needed. The 39-year-old entertainer recently finalized her divorce with ex-husband, former NBA player, Shannon Brown, and commemorated the occasion in the best way. In a series of tasteful yet slightly provocative photos on Instagram, the singer stripped down to her birthday suit and proved that a breakup could be essential to your level-up.

Monica and Shannon, who met on-set of her music video for "Love All Over Me" and their connection was instant. The couple married in a secret ceremony only months later at their home in Los Angeles and have been married since 2011. Rumors of martial troubles surfaced after Monica filed for divorce earlier this year, and while the star has been previously known to keep much of her personal life private, Monica made it clear in her recent photos that she has nothing left to hide.

Since filing for divorce earlier this year, Monica says that she's been on a journey of personal freedom that included leveling up her self-care game. Along with getting her very first massage and maximizing her vacation time, Monica says she's been taking time to learn more about herself and, according to her latest Instagram pics, there's not much that "gets under her skin" these days.

Although Monica has been transparent about the fact that this has been a trying time for both her and her children, she says that her divorce has been as amicable as divorces go because she left her ego at the door. She told the hosts of The Morning Culture:

"Our relationship didn't start based upon money. He was coming off two championships, I'm coming off two number one records after 30 million records, this was not about money. This was strictly about love and life and wanting to experience a different level of love, that is the one thing we always had and have in common. Our relationship was never about stuff."

While Monica and the father of her 6-year-old daughter, Laiyah, have decided to part ways, this couple is proof that not all breakups have to be bitter (in public, anyway) and lived together even after filing for divorce. The singer said that although she and Shannon may not have worked out romantically, their first priority will always be their children.

"You gotta take a back seat to what your children need. School is starting. Things are happening, so who's more important here? Is it you or them? And typically, when you see people that constantly have problems, they're thinking about themselves and their own issues. I'm not saying that it's easy but I can tell you this, when it's not easy, it's not anybody's business either."

Living what should be a very private experience in front of millions of people can bring the petty out of just about anyone, but according to the "Dozen Roses" singer, you'll never catch her saying a bad word about her ex. On ESSENCE'S Yes! Girl Podcast, Monica explained:

"I'm not ashamed of what's happening in my life. I just think because I still have such a love and respect, even for Shannon, that there's certain things that are just not up for discussion. We don't have to be together to respect one another. We don't have to be together to uplift one another and make sure that my kids always see that mom is looking forward to you having a relationship [with dad] forever and ever. Anything I can do to really assist in making sure it continues to be everything that it's always been, that's what I'm going to do."

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