Janelle Monae Says Masturbation Is One Of The Greatest Joys In Life

Self-pleasure is the best pleasure.

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Every time I meet a man who gets me all hot and bothered, before I have sex with him, I ask myself one question: did I masturbate first?

Flicking your bean. Spanking your monkey. Diddling Miss Daisy. Whatever fun euphemism you use as a term for masturbation, I'm here for all of it, sis. While having some alone time with your vagina may be an awkward topic for some women, Janelle Monae has no shame in having a girl's night in. When asked about the many things in life that bring her joy, Janelle basically said what we were all thinking.

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Many of us, including Janelle, grew up in a religious household where we were shamed for our sexuality and are often shunned for expressing the need to have an orgasm. But to Janelle, walking in her truth means being real about the fact that one of the best parts of the day is usually spent exploring her own lady parts. In her recent interview with InStyle, the singer said:

"I have to talk about my sexuality. I have to talk about my blackness. I have to talk about my womanness. I have to talk about these things. This is who I am as a person."

Although Janelle may be secure AF with her sexuality today, things haven't always been this way, and according to this 30-year-old superstar, having a full understanding of her pleasure zone early-on may have saved her from a number of unsavory situations.

"I have been in situations where, as a young girl, you have compromised your morals and your values and you feel used."

These days, most kids receive a lot of their information about sex from the Internet or uninformed peers, and some form of sex education is usually made accessible by the age of six years old, so it only seems right that we start asking: how young is too young to start talking to your little one about the birds and the bees?

To Janelle, her parents allowing her access to more information could have made a world of difference when it came to defining her sexual identity. She continued:

"And I'm like, 'If my mother had let me have a vibrator at a young age to be in touch with my body more, I could have saved myself from so many poor decisions.' You know what I'm saying?"

Take it from Janelle, girls need love too; even if that means you have to show it to yourself.

Read Janelle's full interview here!

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