Issa Rae Shares Which Of Her ‘Insecure’ Love Interests Are The Most Dateable In Real Life
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Issa Rae Shares Which Of Her ‘Insecure’ Love Interests Are The Most Dateable In Real Life

Insecure is the show that just keeps on giving, and no matter how long ago the show ended, we still talk about the friendships, relationships, and unforgettable moments that occurred on the show. One of the recurring conversations is who Issa Rae’s character, Issa Dee, should have really ended up. All the Insecure fans know that the men on the show were FIONE, and Issa had quite the roster. From Lawrence to Nathan, and who can forget Daniel? The men had our eyes glued to our TVs as well as the drama that came along with dating them chile.

However, have you ever wondered if the real people dated like their characters? Issa revealed whether or not they were dateable in real life during her sitdown with Cosmopolitan’s YouTube series Cheap Shots. Starting at the 9:21 mark, the actress and producer who recently released her very own Prosecco brand Viarae, ranked co-stars Jay Ellis (Lawrence), Y’lan Noel (Daniel), and Kendrick Sampson (Nathan) from most to least datable.

“Now, I could go the easy route and say, Jay, he’s married, so he’s technically the least dateable,” she explains. “The second least dateable is for sure Kendrick Sampson because, out of his mouth, he does not like to date,” she reveals. “He’s not a player, but he’s just a lot.”

So, that leaves Y’lan in the number one spot, which I’m sure sounds like music to the ears of Daniel fans everywhere. But not so fast. “And then Y’lan, I think he’s probably the most dateable, but even he’s like…just don’t date actors. All actors are trash, honestly.”

Oh, Issa! While most of the actors keep their personal lives private, there is some information available about their romantic pasts. Here’s what we know.

Y’lan Noel

Y'lan Noel

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The Photograph actor actually dated a certain Insecure co-star. Last December, Amanda Seales revealed on her podcast, The Amanda Show, that she and Y’lan used to be a thing. She even recalled a time when he made her birthday a special moment she wouldn't forget. Let's just say it involves a romantic boat ride, dolphins, a live art performance, and a picnic.

Kendrick Sampson

Kendrick’s dating life has been pretty nonexistent except for a few rumors here and there. The Miss Juneteenth actor was rumored to be dating Naomi Campbell after they both graced the March 2019 cover of British Vogue.

Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jay is officially off the market after tying the knot in 2022 to longtime partner Nina Senicar. They share a daughter together. Prior to Nina, he also dated The Game actress Brittany Daniel.

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