Amanda Seales Opens Up About The Changes Within Her Body After Turning 41 And How She Felt Posing Nude
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Amanda Seales Opens Up About The Changes Within Her Body After Turning 41 And How She Felt Posing Nude

Actress and comedian Amanda Seales is combating beauty standards by fearlessly showcasing how acceptance of one's body, primarily through its changes, could improve how an individual views themselves.

The 41-year-old, widely known for her controversial commentary on various topics, including news and pop culture, recently generated buzz online after posing nude for Women's Health. The nude photoshoot was part of the magazine's Body Issue edition.

This spread also featured other successful women, who also posed nude, sharing their stories about their journey with their bodies and how it helped shape who they are today. In an interview on April 25, Seales revealed why she wanted to participate in the photoshoot and how freeing the entire experience was.

Amanda On Posing Nude

In the video discussion with Women's Health, the Insecure star disclosed that the main factors that motivated her to accept the opportunity were her values and what she stood for overall.

Seales added that because she's been transparent throughout the latter half of her career, regardless of the subject, doing this photoshoot, even with fluctuating weight, was the best way she knew she could be honest about her journey and notes that it could possibly inspire others dealing with the same thing.

"I feel like there's a lot of women who are looking at their bodies and don't feel comfortable, and for me, I went up from a small to medium this year which I know for some people are like 'whatever.' But I have been the same size for a very long time. Then I turned 41, and my body was like 'goodbye,' and I've had to just adjust," she said while opening up about her body's changes.

"I feel like so much of my work at this point in my career has become about my transparency being a part of my philanthropy, and so how much more transparent can you get than just like letting it all hang out."

Amanda On The Nude Photoshoot Experience

Later Seales shared that although posing nude came with its uncertainties, all that faded away when she walked on set and was cared for by the crew.

The podcast host further elaborated that once everything was established between both parties, she was more than willing to do the photoshoot.

"Anybody that's ever done this kind of shoot, you're going into uncertainty. You're going into no man's land. So you're just kind of going with the flow. Once I got here, it was just so quickly established that everything had very carefully been thought out," she stated. "So that makes you feel taken care of, you know. You're just nuzzled against the bosom of efficiency. So once we do that, it's like, where am I posing? That tree? Yeah, alright. At a certain point, I was like you don't have to hold the robe up anymore. We've established that this is my vagina, and these are these titties. What are we doing?"

As the Women's Health photoshoot and the spread became public, Seales took to her Instagram account to reiterate the vital message of loving oneself.

The star explained that despite what others may think, she did the photoshoot to inspire others to be their "full selves" unapologetically.

"This week, my Women's Health magazine nude photos came out. I felt like, you know what, as a over 40-year-old woman and somebody who really is like, all about the importance of true self-actualization. These photos I decided to take because so many of us are afraid to be our full selves. These photos are not about sex. These photos are about self," she said.

The Body Issue edition of Women's Health magazine is on stands now.

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