How To Make New Year's Eve REALLY ROMANTIC At Home
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How To Make New Year's Eve REALLY ROMANTIC At Home

I don’t know about y’all, but I personally think that one of the best ways to ring in the new year is by staying in and having a really romantic evening with your boo thang. This New Year’s Eve, though, I want those who are planning to do just that to take things up a few notches because, if what they say about how you start the year is how you will end the next one is true, it’s important that things go off with a blast and bang in the very best ways possible.

To help you out, here are 15 things that you can do in order to pull off an uber romantic and pretty sexy night at home. One that will not make you regret staying in for. Not even a lil’ bit.

1. Decorate the House (or At Least Your Bedroom) with Carnations

I know that some people consider carnations to be nothing more than “filler flowers.” However, they are cool in my book 1) because they are super affordable and 2) as it relates to this article, they are one of January’s signature flowers. So, if romance to you includes flowers, stop by your local florist or grocery store and get some of these.

Whether it’s for a centerpiece on your kitchen table or you want to put a ton of stems around your bed, it’s a sweet way to set the “Happy New Year, babe” mood.

2. Get Your Own Fireworks (Well, Kinda)

It’s probably been a decade since I’ve gone out to watch the guitar drop (which is what happens in Nashville) and even longer since I’ve given the 4th of July any kind of thought. Still, if there’s one thing I like about those types of occasions, it’s fireworks. No, you don’t need to be trying to light any up in your home but a cool workaround is to get some dessert sparklers (like the ones here) because they’re cute and super festive. Another option is bottle service sparklers that you can put into your wine or champagne bottles. If that’s more in your lane, you can cop one of those here.

3. Make Some Love-Themed Fortune Cookies

I don’t know what it is with me and fortune cookies, but I definitely look for them whenever I order Chinese food. Anyway, did you know that they are super easy to make? All you need is flour, egg whites, sugar, and butter. And how sweet would it be for you and yours to open up a few on New Year’s Eve, only to see handwritten fortunes from the both of you? A recipe for the cookies is here. Oh, and if you’d prefer a company to customize some fortunes for you, Etsy has some that will for a really good price. One option is here.

4. Order a New Year’s Eve Meal (Ahead of Time)

If cooking is a way of expressing love for you or your partner, hey, have at it. Personally, because there really is no telling when you’ll get to take time off again, I think the less work (and clean up) that you have to do, the better. So, whether it’s 12/30 or during the day on 12/31, order a meal to pick up or, even better, to be delivered on New Year's Eve. Then all you’ll have to do is heat it up and serve. Perfect.

5. Create an “Our Love Story” Playlist

Before getting into this one, I just want to send a shout-out to Jewel Ham. She’s a Black woman who claims that while she was interning for Spotify, it was her recommendations that perfected their annual Wrapped List even though she was not credited for it (side-eye). That being side (again, side-eye), New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be all of what it should be without some great music playing. At some point, customize a playlist that tells the story of your love, ignites memories of some great dates the two of you shared, gets you in the mood for the “big finale” or…all of the above. Whether it’s background music or something to dance to, it will definitely keep you and yours in a really good mood.

6. Dress All the Way Up. Or Down.

Just because you’re going to be in this New Year’s Eve, that doesn’t mean that you need to ring in the new calendar year in sweats or onesie PJs (c’mon now). Since this is all about romance, take things up a few dozen notches by dressing to the nines. I mean, going all out in an evening gown while your man is in a tux or suit. If you light some candles or even hang a disco ball from the ceiling somewhere (Party City typically carries them), it can feel like you’re on an official date (because you are). Or, you can get totally naked. Doing the most or nothing are both really sexy in my book.

7. Bury a Time Capsule

Something else that I personally think is super romantic is when couples come up with things to put into their own time capsule and then bury it, only to dig it back up several years later, whether it’s on another New Year’s Eve or a milestone anniversary.

As far as what “should” go in them, it can be memorabilia, things that symbolize what 2021 was like for you and your relationship, love letters that you will keep private until you both open the capsule years up the road — the options are totally up to you. Like I said, it’s pretty romantic and it’s a really affordable thing to do.

8. Feed Each Other Grapes

Although eating black-eyed peas is a pretty popular tradition (especially in the South), the fact that Confederate soldiers relied on them so much, that also gets some side-eye from me. Anyway, what I can fully get behind is a tradition (and a bit of a superstition) in Spain that consists of eating 12 grapes, at midnight, on New Year’s Eve. Since they symbolize good luck and prosperity and since they’re also an aphrodisiac that represents romance and fertility…why the heck not?

9. Toast with Rossinis, Champagne Margaritas or Pomegranate Sparklers

New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without some sort of turn-up. This year, instead of going the predictable plain champagne route, go a little off-script. Some drinks that are pretty popular for ringing in the new year include Rossini's (prosecco and strawberries), champagne margaritas (champagne, honey, lime, and tequila), or pomegranate sparklers (a recipe with alcohol is here; a mocktail is here). And since tipsy sex can make for the kind that is more intense, it definitely should go on the to-do list.

10. Count Down with Some Number Lollipops

Yes, yes. In the ever so wise words of Lil’ Kim, how many licks does it take to get to the…(LOL)? A sweet and sexy way to countdown to midnight is to get some lollipops that have 1-10 on them. Once you have them in hand — lick, flirt, and seduce away, however you see fit. Some cute ones that I found were on an Etsy site. You can check them out here.

11. Play “Rewind and Fast Forward”

A wise person once said that if you want to get a gauge of what your future will look like, pay attention to what your past has been like. That said, something that can make you feel more emotionally connected to your partner (which always makes sex so much more satisfying) is to play a couple of rounds of what I call “Rewind and Fast Forward.” Talk about the best moments of 2021, along with what the two of you would like to be able to say about your relationship, come this time next year. Vibing in this way can make you both feel seen and heard — and there is always something that is sexy and romantic about that.

12. Declare a Strictly Sex-Related Resolution

I once read that only eight percent of people actually make a resolution and then keep it all year long. That’s a part of the reason why I wrote “Forget New Year's Resolutions, Try This Instead.” last year for the site. Yet if you are someone who is big on making resolutions or you want 2022 to be the best year ever as it relates to your sex life, check out “10 Sex Resolutions Every Married Couple Should Make” and then ponder what kind of sex resolution you and your partner would like to make in preparation for the 12 months that lie ahead. The kind of sex a couple has can say a lot about their relationship. Only people with sucky sex lives tend to believe otherwise.

13. Pop a Confetti-Filled Balloon at Midnight

I mean, you can watch the ball drop on television if you want or you can put your own spin on it from the comfort and convenience of your own home. One way to do this is to get a balloon that is full of confetti and then, at the stroke of 12, you pop it so that all of the confetti comes out.

Party City and Walmart are two stores that should have these. Just make sure to cop one sooner than later; they tend to sell out fast around this time of the year.

14. Have a Sexual Celebration with Some (Edible) Body Glitter

Whether you’re like, “Girl, don’t nobody feel like cleaning up all of that mess later” or you are someone who likes as much sparkle as possible, don’t forget to cop some edible body glitter (because if all goes well, there won’t be a lot to clean up, feel me?). Because once the stroke of midnight hits, there is some other, umm, stroking that needs to be done. Speaking of midnight sex, check out “Why Couples Should Engage In ‘Midnight Sex’ More Often” for a bit more motivation to stay up later.

As far as where you can get your hands on some edible body glitter, The Sugar Art is a site that carries all kinds of colors and versions of it. If you want some additional body glitter into the mix, just because, you can get that here.

15. Remove All Clocks

While it’s important to focus on the clock on New Year’s Eve in order to get to midnight, once that time passes, who cares about watches, smartphones, and anything else that displays the time? Hopefully, you’re off on New Year’s Day, so spend the night and following morning — sleeping and sexing (check out “Here’s How To Make Morning Sex...Sexier”)…sexing and sleeping. I can’t think of a finer way to start off 2022. Can you?

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