Your Monthly Horoscopes: August 2018

Your Monthly Horoscopes: August 2018

Get ready for a month of Leo willpower as the July 27th lunar eclipse, and simultaneous blood red full moon put a reset on all of our relationships, boundaries, motivations, and awareness of self. July was a fast-moving month, and time seems to be more than just flying! We have all been prepared for a just as constructive, "run and gun," abundance-filled August.

The eclipse experience is not finished, as there is a partial solar eclipse happening in Leo on August 11th at 19 degrees. This is exciting because it will bring us a boost self-confidence, fire energy, fated romantic, and platonic meetings, as well an inclination to enjoy this final summer month; so make sure you break out that fire outfit, pair of shoes, or bikini that you have been waiting all summer to wear!

Once Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 19th, the universe ain't done with us yet. The personal planet that is the tumultuous Mars, is turning direct this month, but we have a quick buffer before that happens with an ethereal, spiritual, and extremely lucky trine communication of Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces - all happening on August 19th. When two planets are trine, they are in their highest-vibe state of synchronicity. Overall, this trine between these planets represent a theme of accepting what is, letting go, and moving forward. If there have been any personal issues, financial setbacks, sexual blockages, or a lack of spiritual clarity, whatever the eclipses and retrogrades have not taken care of so far, this trine will seal the deal.

Mars returning from retrograde from Aquarius to Capricorn will catch all of the people who slipped in between the cracks of the trines with bizarre and unexpected Aquarius-like manifestations in your reality, that will surely set you back on the right routine, and structured Capricorn path.

Now that you have a good idea of what is going on with the planets, click through the gallery below to see the most important energetic themes that will affect your life by your zodiac sign for the month of August 2018:


Starting on the 11th, with the partial solar eclipse, many Aries signs will be feeling the weight of their own hang-ups, gripes, and self-imposed burdens. Wherever you might have been making it hard on yourself, by 1) overworking yourself when it is unnecessary, 2) becoming disappointed over your own unrealistic expectations due to perfectionism, and 3) not giving yourself the utmost attention and self-care necessary to be productive, will be checked by the eclipse.

You will likely have your sights on your ultimate good, but you won't get there until you take a look at your current self-reflection.

When it comes to the trine in Scorpio and Jupiter, Aries will likely be pleasantly surprised with unexpected messages or opportunities to expand financially, or partner up with new people in business. This could be just the opportunity you have been looking for that puts you ahead of the game. Be sure to thoroughly analyze any opportunity that comes your way in a timely fashion, as well as feel out the energy of the people that you could be working with. Though these connections could be temporary, incoming short-term opportunities could result in your big break.

The trine of Neptune in Pisces will affect the Aries' emotions the most. If you are single, there could be an influx of romantic activity that could fizzle out just as quick as they start, or could be the beginning of an end of the summer fling turned love affair. Take everything romantically with a grain of salt. If you are in a relationship, don't be surprised if emotions run deep, raw, and wild - causing a ripple in your bond that ultimately might start out rough, but bring you both closer together.

Finally, Mars going direct will mean the beginning of a new cycle. You might want to get back on the ball with whatever you have been sleeping on, or you might have a strong urge to "get your ish together." Things will begin to manifest very quickly in your reality if you set your intentions for growth, and progression of your highest and greatest good. One thing is for sure, however...nothing will change if you don't initiate a start.

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