These Health & Wellness Podcasts Will Get Your Fitness All The Way Together


Health and wellness podcasts bring a very necessary type of flavor to our ears. They motivate and inspire us to get started and continue toward our aspirations, knowing we're not alone.

Whether they focus on fitness entirely or touch on exercising in a health and wellness series, these shows will motivate you to start and complete your fitness goals from the inside out. If you're working on your fitness, you need these podcasts in your playlist.



If you have trouble continuing your fitness routine or even starting (been there, done that, got a t-shirt), this podcast will definitely kick up your spirits. It features a slew of hosts who have been stuck in their own rut, but went on to run 5ks, compete in the Olympics, and live to tell the story. Experiencing "hurdles" in our fitness and wellness lives is inevitable. Instead of beating yourself up because you didn't reach your goal when you wanted, this is one of the many resources you can use to jumpstart your fitness goals. Don't give up sis, just jump over that hurdle.

Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls

Now that we've finally embraced the need for therapy, it only makes sense that there's a podcast that caters to that. What once started as a resource for women of color to find a therapist in their area has evolved into a podcast that allows us to have our own therapist from afar. Hosted by Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D., the podcast covers everything we need to know about mental health in general and how it impacts us individually as black women. Thanks to an episode that discusses self-sabotage (like why we might be afraid to actually reach our fitness goals) and another that asks why we might make certain goals to begin with, the host, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford shows us how to work on our inner selves before we get our fitness together.

Radio Cherry Bombe

Radio Cherry Bombe

Radio Cherry Bombe has this amazing way of letting us know they understand how difficult it is to maintain a fit life while also reassuring us that it can be achieved. The podcast promotes a group effort of health and wellness through sisterhood as it features experts in the food industry, from writers and stylists to cookbook authors. While some of the cakes and cookies recipes might be tempting to try, the podcast also features how food is related to stress and how we feel as women. Some of the most recent episodes include, "Serenity Now: Cooking As Meditation," which explains how cooking is therapeutic and can promote a fit life, and "Beauty Inside And Out," which discusses the importance of activities like yoga.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Diet Starts Tomorrow

This can be literal life sometimes. If the name doesn't tell you, this podcast is super realistic when it comes to facing the realities of taking on a new lifestyle of health, wellness and fitness… and all of the myths and rumors in between. It promotes body positivity and condemns fat-shaming, but yet helps you build a connection with the hosts, Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, that will have you ready to hop on a treadmill and speed walk to your goal. They are as honest as they come but they offer tons of research on how to achieve weight loss and fitness as a whole. So maybe now our diets can start today.

Expanded With Lacy Phillips

EXPANDED With Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips collaborates with others in the health, fitness and wellness industry to provide information for her listeners. Phillips focuses on how manifestation, energy and psychology influence our wellness. She never hesitates to sit down with nutritionists and holistic instructors that provide the audience with more than enough information on how to get their fitness on track and stay there. The best part is that the guests might be pros now, but they also share their story of how they got to where they are now, proving that there can actually be a destination to your fitness journey. Like many things, a fit life might be difficult to maintain. But with the correct tools and tips for discipline, it can be achieved like none other.

Naked Beauty Podcast

Naked Beauty Podcast

If we're honest, one of our biggest fitness goals is to look good naked, and to do so from any angle. The Naked Beauty podcast gives tips on how to achieve that, and have fun doing it. The host, Brooke David, goes beyond the standard beauty tutorials with her guests (that include editors of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar), and tell women how to embrace themselves from the inside out along their journey to achieving their health goals. She and her guests provide tips on a surprising way to lose weight (it actually includes eating a lot of fat) and taking fitness past the superficial level. If you haven't already gotten into this podcast, get it into sis!

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