Gabrielle Union Said A Word About Toxic Friendships

You dim your own light when you allow people who don't eff with you to speak over your life.

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This time last year, I looked like what I've been through, and sis. It wasn't pretty. Riddled with stress, toxic relationships, and feelings of inadequacy, my acne got to a point where I no longer recognized the woman looking back at me in the mirror. My stress gave me acne, and my acne made me stressed, but according to Gabrielle Union, the key to flawless skin and timeless beauty is to just chill, sis.

Recently, a clip surfaced of Gabrielle spilling some must-have life advice that is guaranteed to get you through your midweek slump. In an interview with People earlier this year, the actress said:

"The advice I would give my younger self 10 years ago would be that you don't have all the answers. Don't stress out."

Along with not sweating the small sh*t, Gabrielle says that it's also important to be intentional about delegating how many f*cks you have to give in one day. "Nah" is a complete sentence, and Gabby suggests that you say it with pride.

"Say no more than you say yes. You'll be a lot less stressed. Saying no is the best anti-aging advice."

Gabrielle also noted that healing from the inside-out can only be done in the right setting. Even the prettiest flowers will wilt in the wrong environment and the 46-year-old said the same is true when it comes to the people you spend time with. Friends are the family that we actually get to choose, but every sis ain't really your sis. Navigating female friendships can be difficult at any stage in life, but Gabrielle has some advice that will get your inner circle all the way together:

"Some of your day ones have been hating since day one. Getting rid of toxic people is probably the best anti-aging thing you can do in your life because a terrible crowd will age you like cigarettes."

The tongue is powerful, and letting people who don't have your best interest at heart speak over your life is the surest way to dim your own light. The ability to create boundaries with toxic people is a superpower, one that Gabrielle Union says is the secret to her fountain of youth:

"Create boundaries, don't tell everyone everything. It's okay to have a little mystery about yourself. All of these things will go into have a lot more mind/body/soul synergy and helping you maintain your peace, your grace, and your joy. All of which affects how the hell you look."

Take it from Gabby, sis. Pour some wine, Marie Kondo the f*ck out of your contact list, and create some boundaries. Your skin will thank you for it.

Featured image by Instagram/@GabUnion.