Foods That Keep Your Vagina Smelling Right (And The Ones That Don’t)
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Foods That Keep Your Vagina Smelling Right (And The Ones That Don’t)

While using the right products definitely plays a part in the sensational scent or unforgiving odor between your legs, an even bigger factor are the foods that you eat. Yes, you are what you eat, and sometimes you even smell like what you eat… even down there, boo. And it's the foods with the strongest odors that are the biggest culprits.

But it doesn't have to be all bad. Just like there are foods that make your vagina smell bad, there are also quite a few that give it a refreshing scent. But before we start, just know I'm not telling you how your vagina should smell. I'm just letting you know the impact certain foods have on it.

So, let's explore both sides, shall we?

Foods That Make Your Vagina Smell Good



I figured we could start off with the obvious one. It hasn't been scientifically proven, but there are enough songs about the fact that eating pineapples provides an enjoyable scent down there. Now, I can't say when and how many pineapples you would need to eat for it to start making a difference, but trust, over time, it will. And you and anyone who has any interaction with your vagina will be happy about it. The same goes for other citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit thanks to their natural sugars.

Foods That Make Your Vagina Smell Bad

Junk Food


This one hurt a little bit. Who knew junk food gives your vagina an odor? Yes, processed snacks, simple sugars, and even white flour has a negative impact on how your vagina will smell; especially the sugar. Apparently, yeast is a huge fan of sugar. And since our vaginas aren't fans of yeast, we should really consider consuming sugary foods at a minimum. The same goes for fried foods like fried chicken and French fries as they have been known to increase the chance of bacterial vaginosis. And while BV is completely normal, if you can prevent or reduce it by monitoring your diet, junk food and fried foods might be the ones you want to take a look at first.

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