Erykah Badu Is Dropping Incense That Smells Like Her Vagina

"Badu's P*ssy", affectionately known by me as "Bahdusy", will be available for purchase Feb. 20.

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All p*ssy is good p*ssy. I said what I said, don't @ me.

Despite the fact that some men hold the mythical belief that vaginas must taste like water and smell like pineapples to be considered magical, Erykah Badu knows that good p*ssy comes in all shapes, sizes, and smells, and each yoni has its own, unique powers. That's exactly why she's decided to burn all of her old underwear and make it into an incense collection.

Yeah. You read that right.

As though Erykah Badu wasn't legendary enough, a recent interview with 10 Magazine revealed that she is taking a page right out of Boomerang's book (and Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop) with her latest product release, which will be available for purchase exclusively on Erykah's online store, Badu World Market on February 20.

In the interview, the 48-year-old mother-of-three, who has been romantically linked to artists like Common and Andre 3000, revealed that "Badu's P*ssy", affectionately known by me as "Bahdusy", was inspired by an urban legend that we all know well. She explained:

"There's an urban legend that my p*ssy changes men. The men that I fall in love with, and fall in love with me, change jobs and lives."

The singer referred to her yoni as her superpower and says that she wants to offer fans the opportunity to get a whiff of her essence, simply because we deserve it. She explained:

"I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them. Even the ash is part of it. Yeah, man! The people deserve it!"

Along with her p*ssy flavored incense, Badu's World Market will also offer fans the opportunity to buy apothecary goods and exclusive merch that will help you get your chakras all the way together and mirror Erykah's iconic style. In the feature, Erykah also broke down the ideology behind her eclectic wardrobe:

"When you come out as an artist, you have to make sure that when you show up, they know it's you. Not just from your voice, but aesthetically as well. I think I'm a nonconformist. If [there's] something that I'm told I'm supposed to do, I am very much inspired to go the other direction."

And her new incense line is definitely proof of this fact.

Check out Erykah's full interview here!

Featured image by Bennett Raglin / Getty Images for BET.

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