#BlackMenDontCheat Is Trending On Twitter, Here's Why
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#BlackMenDontCheat Is Trending On Twitter, Here's Why

In 2000, Shaggy released "It Wasn't Me". In 2004, Usher dropped "Confessions" (Part I and II.) And in 2019, Lil Duval and Charlamagne tha God released their viral hit single, "Black Men Don't Cheat" that seeks to reclaim the narrative of black men in romantic relationships from here on out.

Since the song's release, #BlackMenDon'tCheat has become the #1 trending topic on Twitter and sparked a wholesome conversation about Black men in faithful relationships, and their responses are the best thing you'll see all day. One user wrote:

"I've been with my 👸🏾 [Queen] for 12 wonderful years... And never once stepped out. Why get a dollar menu burger when I got Filet Mignon at home... Ya diiiiig."

Although this uplifting message-turned-viral hashtag has garnered a lot of attention, many of us can't help but acknowledge the history of Black men and their very public infidelities. So are we supposed to forget about Tristan, Kobe, Kevin, and Wendy Williams' soon-to-be ex-husband? If you ask 40-year-old radio host Charlamagne, who has been married to his wife since 2014, the answer is yeah, sis. On today's edition of Donkey of the Day, the South Carolina-born radio host addressed critics of what he calls the Faithful Black Man Association:

"Listen, I'm not here to change your mind. Because one thing about evolution that is my growth is that it doesn't depend if someone believes in it or not."

He made a powerful point that when it comes to men who have been unfaithful, just like drug addiction or alcoholism, recovery is possible. Just because someone made an unfavorable decision in the past, doesn't mean that all men should be barred from redemption.

Charlamagne also iterated the fact that the focus of his message is specific and intentional. He can't speak for Ray Ray broke ass who won't get off his mother's couch. He can't vouch for black boys who have made the conscious decision to commit to stunt their own growth. He continued:

"When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. Faithfulness is exactly what happens when you grow up."

Charlamagne also shared the real reason why most men are unfaithful and had a few words of advice for men who take infidelity lightly:

"When men cheat it's because they are trying to feed their egos. Nothing more, nothing less. That's little boy stuff. It's because something is empty inside of you and you're trying to fill up. But you don't realize when you are cheating, you are pouring from an empty cup into an empty cup with a hole at the bottom. So it's pointless. When you let ego drive it gets you absolutely nowhere. And when you let ego drive, you crash."

Charlamagne shared that he lent his vocals on this viral track in an attempt to rewrite the narrative of black men and hopes that other faithful Black men join the campaign; because when you cheat, you not only play your partner, you play yourself. He continued:

"All I'm simply telling my brothers is a man who isn't a slave to his sexual urges is a focused man. And a focused man is a dangerous man."

Check out the viral hit, "Black Men Don't Cheat" below!

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