Blac Chyna Is On A Journey To Dissolve All Of Her Facial Fillers, Here’s How It’s Going So Far

Blac Chyna Is On A Journey To Dissolve All Of Her Facial Fillers, Here’s How It’s Going So Far

Blac Chyna is getting a major makeover, only this time, it’s from the inside out.

The influencer and former reality TV star first began documenting her journey to reversing her cosmetic surgery procedures on March 13 via a transparent Instagram video shared with her 16 million followers from her doctor’s office.

"As y'all know, I've been changing my life and changing my ways! One of the things that I feel like is going to take me to the next level is obviously taking some of these ass shots out," she shares.

Before moving forward with the procedure, the mother of two clarified the difference between “butt shots” and a BBL, punctuating the safety precautions that should be advised for each operation. "I just want all the ladies out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications, and all this other crazy stuff," she says.

In the latest set of reversal treatments, Chyna took to Allure Laser in Los Angeles to have her fillers removed. During the video diary, she recorded the session to get her “back to the baseline” as her doctor injected liquids into her cheeks to dissolve her fillers.

When asked what brought on her decision to go forward with the procedure, Chyna shared, “First of all, I’m tired of the look. And it’s just not flattering. It’s not what I look like. It totally changed my face, and I’m just ready to get back to Angela.” She continues, “Blac Chyna’s Blac Chyna, you know what I mean? I feel like I’ve outgrown that, and it’s just time for a change. And I just want to be good.”

“I’m on my journey right now, and I just want to start fresh, clean. Shout out to the girls who want to get fillers,” Chyna says. “We’re not saying, ‘Don’t do it.’ But just for me, I’m just kind of over the whole phase.”

This fresh start has also led her to make a return back to her birth name, Angela White. During an interview with Forbes, the Real Blac Chyna personality announced her decision to reclaim her real name as a means to reconnect with her true self.

"Well, it was given to me by birth, but mostly for me, it's getting back to myself," she says. "Because you know, being in the entertainment field, everybody always calls me, 'Hey Blac Chyna, Chyna, Chyna.' Nobody ever calls me Angela."

"So sometimes I would kind of like forget who I am because it's always about the brand, brand, brand, and not the person," she says.

While it's not the official end of Blac Chyna, she adds that there is a clear distinction between who she is as a person versus who she is as a brand. "Like, if I'm performing or things like that, that's Blac Chyna. But if I'm home and I'm with the kids, or if I'm doing my business stuff and I'm doing deals, that's Angela," she says, "Like how we are sitting here and having a conversation, this is Angela."

Many may credit the 34-year-old model for being one of the first public figures behind the popularization of BBL culture in the 2010s. With surgically enhanced derrieres, hyper-realistic lips, and face injections being peak signifiers of the "Instagram Model" aesthetics, it's hard not to notice the sudden pivot away from this body trend that was once highly praised.

Like Chyna, many other celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian have made headlines for marking the sudden shift away from their once-exaggerated features by undergoing reversal procedures. Some have associated these changes with an intentional step towards separating themselves from the “Black woman aesthetics” that rose them to fame. And with this current trend surrounding reversals not seeming to stop anytime soon, many have questioned whether this could mark the beginning of the end of BBL culture as we know it in celebrity culture.

When beauty standards are attached to a trend, they’re fated to have a life cycle. And while these beauty trends and standards are ever-changing, the beauty, self-love, and confidence that we find within ourselves can only be defined for ourselves — no matter the route we choose to take.

With Blac Chyna sharing the steps she’s taking to elevate herself physically, mentally, and spiritually, the future looks bright for the social media starlet. From getting baptized, seeking sobriety, working out, and deleting her OnlyFans page, it appears that Chyna is looking inward for what she needs, and we love to see it.

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