Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 8 – January 14

Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 8 – January 14


We're really starting to cook with our Saturn in Capricorn story, but we're not quite finished laying down the foundation. I know, I know. How much more planning and hard work is it going to take until we start seeing results?!

Patience is a virtue, and before you rush off with your half-finished blueprint, it's important to hear what Mercury the Winged Messenger has to say about all of this.

Mercury governs communication, thoughts, and transportation, and on January 11th, he moves from upbeat, optimistic fiery Sagittarius into practical, grounded Capricorn.

Since December 3rd, when he went Retrograde, Mercury has been going over the big picture with a highlighter and an editing tool to make sure you're clear on what your inspired vision is. So, this is it, last call to fine tune your blueprints before we plant the seeds on the Capricorn New Moon next week.



Alright Rams, Mercury has been crisscrossing your House of Higher Education, Distant Travel, and Philosophy for a few months now, gathering all the receipts to back up your ascent to the top of your game. Now the time has arrived to take those philosophies and apply them to your work. Chat that real ish, Aries, but make sure you can back up everything you say with tangible action. Whatever you do, don't say what you're unwilling to commit to!



You've just about seen and heard it all while Mercury was in your House of Transformation, Secrets, and Other People's Money, but that's actually a good thing, Taurus. Whatever you learned behind closed doors is asking to be broadcasted to the world. Remember you're creating a brand-new world view and philosophy, share what fits for now, then let go of the rest. Try not to get too comfortable with what you believe just yet, come springtime all that you thought you knew will be radicalized.



Enough chit-chat, Gemini...well at least enough chit-chat without backing it up with some tangible actions. You've already waxed poetic about your partnerships and how grand they're going to be, so now it's time to put up or shut up. When you speak of deeply connecting with others, do it not only in your mind, but also with your physical presence and your rapt attention. Focus, give some intensity, say how you're going to commit, and then actually do it.



Take your mind off the day to day details, Little Crab. You've been neck deep in spreadsheets, to-do lists, and tending to either your own health or the well-being of those around you. You've been fabulous, Cancer, but there are some very important people in your life who are demanding some much-needed one-on-one facetime from you. Pick up the phone, make a date to go out, and talk to the people who are interested in building solid relationships with you. Now that your head is in the game, it should be easier to connect from the heart.



Everyone knows what a natural talent you are Leo, and with Mercury having just finished with your House of Creativity, it's time to get more grounded with what you can really do. Health and Daily Routines doesn't sound especially fun nor glamorous I know, but if you put the same amount of thought and effort into this area of your life, you'll surely shine in no time. Treat your mind, body, and spirit like a stage upon which you can perform. Do for yourself and do it for the people, inspire us with the new story of what it means to take care of oneself with style.



Mercury has been nestled deep in your House of Home and Family since November, encouraging you to explore the past. Childhood memories, nostalgia, trips down memory lane, or even just more time spent at home has been good for your mind, Virgo. But Mercury is leaving the nest now to go out and play with the rest of the planets hanging out in your creative sandbox. Your creative confidence quickly grows to a point where you don't mind being the center of attention, outlining your cleverly crafted plans that can literally change your life.



Being a bit of a homebody doesn't have to mean being lonely. You're a naturally social creature, so with Mercury entering your House of Home and Family, you may want to invite some chattering friends into your home. Try the friends who have similar curiosities to you or who might also be interested in nesting, redecorating, and being unafraid of discussing family baggage. Who knows, you may even convince them to help you paint your place!



Mercury has been focusing his attention on your resources and values: balancing the budget, tossing out old concepts about self-worth and wealth, reimagining how abundant and satisfied you can be in life. Now that the Winged Messenger is moving into your domain of communications, siblings, and the local neighborhood, you may want to start talking about what you learned. You're so perceptive, Scorpio, why don't you teach us what you know? It's time for the student to consider becoming the teacher!



If it feels like your wheels have been spinning in the mud, Centaur. That should begin to change once Mercury leaves after a long stay in your sign. Over the last three years, Saturn helped to crystalize who you are and what you believe in. With Mercury arriving in your House of Self Esteem, Values, and Money, you can finally start speaking with optimistic, yet practical authority. You earned it, now don't be shy about speaking your truth to power. For every word you say, back it up with that action.



One last hurrah in the Land of Introspection, Sea Goats. Mercury has been helping you perceive beyond the veil into some really strange and mystical parts of your own soul. The good, the bad, and the ugly all exists in the subconscious and Mercury is crossing over the threshold to deliver the news about the cosmic upgrade you just received. The new topic of conversation is YOU! All about you and how you're about to conquer the world with Saturn at your side. Show out, Capricorn!



Mercury has been in your home domain of Hopes, Dreams and Wishes, Aquarius. So maybe you've been more social than usual with your normal group of rebels and revolutionaries but now the hour has arrived for you to take your mind into the unknown. Solitude can be a bit alarming but don't panic, instead tap into the deeper Universe, and let your imagination provide you with unexpected wisdom. Just be sure to come back up for air, Water Bearer, sometimes mental travel through space and time can make anyone go crazy.



What have you learned about the ups and downs of ambition and ladder climbing, Pisces? Your life is becoming a little less about your own reputation and more about how your experiences can be shared with the collective. Let us know what wisdom your intuition and experience has given to you over the last three years. Allow Mercury to give concrete yet inspiring words to those in need of your insight.

What does your horoscope say about your sign this week? Let us know in the comments down below.

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