Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 14-January 20

Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 14-January 20


New Moons symbolize beginnings and on January 16th, we have one of the most powerful New Moons of the year happening in earthy Capricorn. It's lunation-packed with heavy yet extremely fertile energy.

Think of New Moons as opportunities to plant new seeds in your life. Whatever you decide to plant in the fertile darkness will eventually take root.

However, since we're dealing with the energies of Capricorn and some watery Scorpio, there are some rules involved.

One: Choose something that inspires passion and you're willing to commit to

Two: Know that it will take your focus and effort to see it materialize. This isn't the kind of seed you can plant and just walk away from. It requires your attentive follow up.

Three: Whatever you're growing will take time and it will likely challenge you, so don't throw in the towel just yet!

Check out how the New Moon in earthy Capricorn will affect your zodiac sign below.




Even bigger than your career is the legacy that you leave behind. You've been changed, Aries, hopefully for the better. You have fresh ideas and visions that could potentially be used to lead the world in a new, improved direction. Commit to the reputation you'd like to be known and remembered by. Plant the seed this New Moon, and tend to it as you grow into your new form.



APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Commit to the building of a new perspective Taurus. It won't come easy and there will be challenges, but with such fertile energy, you can develop a point of view that inspires the next generation. Consider who you've been meeting and how they've pushed you to think bigger and better. This isn't your final throw of the dice, come spring time you'll come up with electric ideas that may change the world. Stay open minded.



MAY 21 – JUNE 20

As the natural communicators of the zodiac, The Twins are tasked with being willing to call it as they see it, no matter how controversial the topic may be. This New Moon you're connecting to the undercurrent, the details of what's motivating not only yourself, but the world at large. Think of how valuable a skill set this can be, Gemini, if you hone it daily. To be able to perceive the hard truth.



JUNE 21 – JULY 22

You've spent the last few weeks paying attention to what kind of relationships you'd like to have in your life. Partnering means give and take, and in your case, it also means boundaries and the ability to say "no" when you need to. Your shell may take a battering as you bravely tend to your partnerships with others, but trust that, despite the ups and downs of the journey, you are on the right road with your destination in sight.




Admittedly, there isn't much glamour in desk jobs, paying bills, or committing to a new exercise plan, but you've earned where you are for better or for worse, Lion. Assess what can be improved upon, and move on. Whenever you give your radiant energy to a project, you do it with inspirational style. Let your crowning achievement be taking expert care of yourself to the point that others will be asking for your advice.




Up until this point Virgo, you've been given opportunities to show off your creative impulse. Whatever you've discovered about yourself over the last few weeks is worth investing in. Creativity is meant to be imperfect as it shows you what it wants to be. Stay the course and keep dabbling and allowing yourself to be inspired by what's local to you.




Capricorn and Saturn can be heavy energies to grapple with for an air sign like you, Libra. In your sector of home and family, it can also speak to denials of love and affection. If this has been the case for you over the years, know that this the time to build something different. You can plant a home life that's fed on respect, healthy boundaries, and dependability. You can invite people in or keep them out. It's up to you to decide what's worth creating and what would ultimately nourish your strength.




You've been gathering knowledge, information, and meeting up with new people these last few weeks. You should have a kernel of an idea about what it is that you want to teach to your community. Make sure it's something you identify with strongly that leaves you feeling like you can expand your influence through speaking and showing others how to perceive differently. You are becoming the teacher, Scorpio, so build your classroom.




Water is wet, and rocks are hard, Centaurs. As a fire sign you thrive on optimism and enthusiasm to get through life. That's all fine and dandy, but apply some concrete structure to breathe your fire into. Visualize what you want to manifest in your finances, as well as your self-worth. Trust that you have the staying power to plan and see anything through step by step. You're a grown up now, Sagittarius. Trust in the wisdom of your experience.




Sea Goats, you have a slight edge on everyone else because you were born for this. You know firsthand that sometimes it's a deep impulse to succeed that urges you on and, at times, you know it can be a long lonely journey to the top with no one to cheer you on but yourself. In this reinvention of who you are, you get to lead by example. You are an authority on creating something out of nothing. Show the rest of us how it's done!




Follow the misty trails of your dreams and imagination, Water Bearer. This New Moon taking place in your house of the Unconscious wants you to dedicate your energy to exploring the unseen worlds. There are times we must retreat inward to reconnect with our integrity. Wisdom is knowing that you do not know it all, but being willing to go on a journey to find it. This is just the beginning of your dream journey. Tend to it with care.




New friends, new hopes, and wishes are being seeded this New Moon. Know that whatever you commit to is not going to grow overnight or magically appear out of nowhere. This is an all hands on deck long haul effort. If you can face the inevitable twists, turns, failures, and eventual success that will follow you, and the friends you collaborate with will produce something incredible.

What did your horoscope say about your sign this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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