Wendy Williams Says She Won't Be Living In The Same House As The Next Man She Marries
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Wendy Williams Says She Won't Be Living In The Same House As The Next Man She Marries

I'm not the same person I was yesterday, and I'm sure as hell not the same person I was five years ago. Thanks to water, time, and a whole lot of sunshine, I've grown from a seed that was planted into the beautiful wildflower that stands before you today, but it didn't come without adapting to my environment.

Wendy Williams says that she's had a similar experience since filing for divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, and discovering a new perspective on life. In a major transformation, the talk show host will be returning to network television on September 16 with a new management team, and an attitude of forgiveness and even more tea than before. According to Wendy, she's single AF and ready to mingle, but not just anybody can reserve a spot in this gossip girl's heart:

"What I've discovered is I'm a wife, not a girlfriend, and I will get married again."

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Recently, on an episode on The Late Show, Wendy opened up about how the separation with her ex-lover, manager, and father of her 19-year-old son, brought to light a number of truths that she had previously ignored, including the fact that she no longer knew the man she married. When asked about how she felt about her ex's infidelity on a previous interview, the talk show host had this to say:

"Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole 'nother topic. A baby. I'm not changing Pampers, I wanna be pampered! I learned from my mother how to make lemons into lemonade... what am I supposed to do, stay in the house and cry all day?"

After realizing that she should have left Kevin's ass a thousand times, Wendy made the decision to spend some time getting to know herself, including what she does and does not want in her next relationship. She explained:

"Here's what I need, I need you to be at least in your fifties, or maybe 48-plus. Grown children who are not living with you. You need to live by yourself, so we can hang out at your house or my house. There's no one in my house but me."

Along with having a house to herself, she's also uninterested in raising anyone else's kids:

"I'm not dealing with a five-year-old calling me 'Mommy,' get out of here with that. Freshman year in high school, help him with homework, get out of here with that."

While Wendy says that she isn't looking for love, she has a push-up bra and some chapstick waiting on the day she meets Mr. Right. The host says that now, more than ever, she realizes that life is more about the journey than the destination, and she's taking her time before she decides to hop back on the path to romance:

"I really like the new me. I don't know who I've become, but I like her. She's smart. She's strong. She makes good choices and she's here for season 11."

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