The 'Me & Somebody Son' Instagram Page Celebrates Black Love In The Best Way

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By now, I'm sure you've seen the viral "Me & Somebody Son" meme lighting up your Instagram feed with images of black love at its finest.

For generations, the media has predominately portrayed symbols of dysfunction, abuse, and infidelity as representations of black love. Millennial social media users have taken the power into their own hands when it comes to how we view people of color, including the owner of the popular Instagram page, @MeAndSomebodySon_.

She recently opened up about what encouraged her to start the page and why she believes representation of black love in a positive light is so important. Inspired by the since-removed page, @MeAndSomebodyDaughter, she wanted to create her own public display of healthy black relationships. She told Bossip:

"I have always been a hopeless romantic girl so when I found this page dedicated to Black men expressing love, I was over the moon. After some time, I started to yearn for a page that directly spoke to my experiences and my perspective."
"The purpose of the page is to inspire by showcasing black love. I aim to inspire but also to address the issues that hinder black people from loving each other in a whole and healthy manner. My mottos are 'lead with love' and 'be the change you want to see.' I would like for my page to embody that."'

Since creating the page in February this year and going viral mid-March, the creator says that she wanted to create a lane that she could resonate with, and was so effective in doing so that the page has gotten recognition from a number of celebrities, Warner Brothers, and the even the new Shaft movie. She told Bossip that she's been consistent in her work to diversify images of Black Love simply because it matters.

"I think it is important to showcase black love because representation matters. It is also to my belief that black love is the strongest love a black person can experience. All too often in mainstream media, we don't see these images so we are lead to believe that it doesn't exist, I'm here to debunk all of that."

She continued:

"The world can be an evil place towards black people and so can the internet, my goal was to create a safe, positive, and inspirational space and highlight that black love is alive and well and exists in all shapes, shades, and forms."
"Black love is to be a protector and guide for your partner. The essence of black love is an everlasting and unique unity."

If you're as smitten by these images of melanin matrimony as the the rest of the internet and want to be a part of the magic, you can submit your own images to be featured by checking out the guidelines and sending in photos on Instagram @meandsomebodyson_.

Here were some of our favorite pics from the page!

Featured image by Instagram/@meandsomebodyson_.

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