Summer Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Closet


It's official, all we need is a whistle. Summer is upon us and after working so hard in the cooler months, we definitely deserve to enjoy everything summer has to offer, including clothes you can only rock in the summer. If you're looking for ideas to add a little spice to summer wardrobe, look no further.

With these ten essentials in your rotation, your summer attire will certainly make the most of this gorgeous weather.

1. Strappy Sandal Heels

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A dressy or casual summer outfit is made complete with a pair of strappy sandal heels. If you can go for nude, that would definitely be a bonus. If not, any pair will suffice this summer. The best part about strappy sandal heels is that they can dress up any casual outfit. If you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and think of yourself as a chic tomboy, a pair of these will take your outfit up a notch without question. And of course, a plain pair will work for dressy outfits too.

2. Oversized Denim Jacket

Yes, it's hot outside, and the idea of any kind of jacket might seem crazy. But hear me out. There are so many cute ways to wear this jacket in the summer that you'll be happy you have it in your closet. From letting it drape over your shoulders to tying it around your waist, it's a great addition to your already bomb summer wardrobe. For those moments when you're standing in the mirror thinking your outfit needs an extra pop, this could be your next go-to item. Plus, it won't hurt to have one on hand for those cooler summer nights.

3. A Bathing Suit You Can Slay In

This is kind of self-explanatory when it comes to the summer. Who doesn't love a day on the beach or a night at the pool or in a jacuzzi? For any of these occasions, it's not essential to just have a bathing suit, but one you feel amazing in. It doesn't have to be one that shows a ton of skin, it just has to be one where you feel like you're that chick. Even if you don't actually get in the water, you'll still look cute sitting on the edge.

4. A Go-To Bag

While this needs to be in any woman's closet all year round, the summer is as good a time as any to rock your favorite bag. Some trends for this season include woven totes, beaded bags, net/mesh purses, pouches, and if you haven't heard, fanny packs are making a comeback. While the oversized bags aren't really a "thing" this season, the bag you rock this summer is perfect for carrying daily essentials like a smaller wallet, your cell phone, and your favorite lipstick.

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5. Off-The-Shoulder Top

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It's safe to say the off-the-shoulder top made a comeback in a major way this summer. From the ones that feature ruffles and frills at the top to the plain ones that let the off-the-shoulder feature speak for itself, it's a must-have for your summer wardrobe. This look stands out even more when paired with Bermuda shorts or high-waisted pants.

6. Unique Slider Sandals

If you have the strappy sandal heels on deck, a pair of unique slider sandals are also a must. Some of my favorites are the floral prints or metallic (the fur sliders are still up for debate), but there are seriously countless of options to choose from. It's also great that you can get a pricey pair from a high-end name brand or a more affordable pair that will still look just as stylish and fashionable. They'll work for your day of running errands or a day at the beach. They might be casual, but they certainly make your summer wardrobe complete.

7. A LBD or WBD

A Little Black Dress and a Little White Dress are also items I think most women know to keep in their closet, especially for the summer. With all-white day parties being all the rave, it's vital to have a white dress in your closet for day out with the girls. When it comes to the Little Black Dress, this could be a serious contender for a roof party or any outdoor party in the evening. Whether you decide to go the simple or unique route, having a LBD and WBD is essential this summer.

8. Yep In Your White Tee

While it doesn't have to be white, a classic tee is also a must-have piece for your wardrobe. You can rock it for those more casual days and nights like when you go to the state fair, a theme park, or an outdoor concert. It can be paired with a number of items on this list like the strappy heels, slider sandals, and the denim jean jacket.

9. Classic Sundress

There's something about a sundress that can make any woman feel feminine and girly. Sundresses are like the scarves and boots of the summer, considering most of us can't wait for the weather to break so we can pull out our favorite few (because who has just one?). Even the most casual sundress can be dressed up with the right jewelry and heels. And if you're going for a more laid-back look, pull out a pair of flat strappy sandals and call it a day. Either way, your summer wardrobe needs a sundress boo! But you already knew that.

10.  Straw Hat

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Other than being super cute, the straw hat has a few benefits. It can complete pretty much any summer outfit and protect your face from the sun. And if you're team natural or letting your hair hang low, it can also save the day when your hair refuses to cooperate, thanks to the warmer temperatures and stubborn humidity. You can also choose a smaller fedora-like size or a larger one that makes its own entrance whenever you enter a room. Whatever you choose, rock it like only you can!

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