Steve Harvey Writes A Love Letter To Marjorie Harvey In Honor Of Their 15-Year Anniversary
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Steve Harvey Writes A Love Letter To Marjorie Harvey In Honor Of Their 15-Year Anniversary

Steve Harvey has never been shy about professing his love for his wife Marjorie Harvey. Over the years, the comedian has shouted out his queen and credited her for his continued success. The couple will be celebrating 15 years of marriage on June 25 and in honor of the special occasion, the CelebrityFamily Feud host shared a love letter to his wife that was published in the July/August 2022 issue of Good Housekeeping.

“Nearly two decades have flown by, and I have felt lucky every single one of those days. I don’t know if I can describe our connection in words, but I’ll try,” Steve said.

“When my bodyguard Boomerang handed me his phone that day in 2005, I had no idea who was on the other side of it. But I recognized your voice right away, and it was the best day of my life. The next day, I met you in Memphis for lunch, and when I saw you, I knew I wasn’t going to blow it a second time. The first time around didn’t pan out the way we would have wanted it to. I became homeless, I ran out of money and I got into some trouble. Things went south for me, and I had no way of reaching out to you — this was before cellphones — so I just disappeared.”

Steve then went on to explain that when they finally reconnected, everything was “perfect” and he thanked her for believing in him.

He added:

“You gave me something I never had before in my life as an adult. You gave me peace. Receiving that gift from you freed me up to think and really do my job. But you didn’t stop there. You had a lot of foresight about my future that I didn’t have. You told me that I was going to be all over TV in mainstream America. This was before Family Feud, my talk show, my first book and Miss Universe. You told me that all of this was going to happen to me, so I had to get ready for that. I wish the world knew how smart you are. You’ve never given me bad advice. Everything you’ve told me about my career has been spot-on. All the advice you’ve told me to do and not to do — if I do it, it works out; if I don’t do it, I wish I had.”

He closed out the letter by praising how great of a mother she is and credited her for changing his life.

We can only imagine what Steve has planned for the fashionista on their anniversary.

Here are some other sweet things the beautiful couple has said about their love.

Marjorie On How She Met Steve Harvey

The couple originally met at a comedy club in Memphis in 1987. Marjorie showed up during Steve’s set and he was instantly mesmerized. She shared how their first interaction began during Steve’s defunct talk show in 2018.

“I was late and I thought he was gonna give me the business because he got real quiet. He was just staring at me…I thought I was gonna become part of the show,” she said. “He finally realized he’s gotta say something, he was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know who this is, but I’m gonna marry her.’”

​​Steve On How Marjorie Plays an Instrumental Role In His Life

In a March 2022 The Washington Post interview, Steve credited Marjorie for his success and mentioned other famous men who had great women by their side as an example of how much women play a role in achieving “greatness.”

“There is not a great man I know that achieved greatness without a her,” he said. “Barack ain’t the dude without Michelle. You can go down the list. I needed the her, and the her for me has been instrumental.”

Steve On Marjorie Influencing His Style

Steve has always been known to rock a suit but over the last few years, the comedian has received viral fame after making changes to his style. Talking with Daily Pop, the Steve on Watch host pointed to his wife as the person behind his sleek and bold looks.

"She said, ‘Steve, look, you've been on TV, you've got a brand, you protected it for so long.' She said, ‘The way you dress off-camera, people never see,'" he said. “She said, ‘So, this is what I want you to think. I want you to start dressing like you dress offstage, but I'm gonna get you some help because you don't have time to go shopping.'"

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