This Black Woman Made $1M In Sales Selling Vaginal Wash For Your Yoni
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This Black Woman Made $1M In Sales Selling Vaginal Wash For Your Yoni

Social media influencer-turned-businesswoman, Starr Dawkins, knows a thing or two (or five) about feminine hygiene. She launched her brand, Sweet Cookie Wash, in 2017 as a mission to make women feel confident about their lady parts' health and let their yoni shine. And since, Sweet Cookies has taken off like a wildfire, being one of the fortunate black-owned companies to flourish during the pandemic.

But what's most impressive about Dawkins' journey, is that she started her brand with literally zero dollars to invest. And now, she pulls in well over a million dollars in sales a year. Uploading a picture to social media to officially commemorate the moment, she captioned the photo:

"Million dolla Pu$Y! We did it! I'll never forget this black Friday weekend! No initial family support, no rich bf, no loans or money! Just a pre-order, promoting, praying, & Manifesting! In 2017 I still slept on friends couches & took the bus & I decided to be grateful that at least I had legs to walk and hands to give out flyers! The power of the mind is not a joke, everyday I wake up KNOWING I'm supported & only thinking positive!"

She continued:

"Next year I hope more women profit from my brand weather it's a vending machine or opening a @sweetcookiewash V-spa franchise! I can't thank you enough from day 1 it's been LOVE from every angle. sale is still going keep shopping #cookiewashads #teamgoodcookie #priceypussyclub"

To-date, Sweet Cookie Wash's products consists of more than 30 feminine care products with eight categories such as pregnancy, after birth and pH balance. Their probiotics, slippery supplements, cookie wipes and bikini line spot remover are among the most popular items in her inventory (with much more all hilariously labeled with names such as 'Cookie Sheets', 'Clean His Rifle Wash', and more). Dawkins even walks us through the process of how to give ourselves yoni steams or vajacials, over on YouTube, a demonstration that she takes extreme pride in.

She tells Forbes:

"Most brands capitalize off women's vaginal issues and insecurities. We work to normalize the topic surrounding vaginal health."

Dawkins credits her ability to strategize as a means for her success of creating, and building, a company with no money. And her secret is simple: she used money from pre-orders to buy materials to produce and ship her products.

"[In] 2020, I've made over $100,000 each month. When I launched my Pink Friday sale and saw $100,000 in 30 minutes, it shocked me how successful my business had become."

We certainly aren't shocked, sis, black women are lit! Continue flourishing, queen!

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Featured image by Sweet Cookie Wash via Starr Dawkins/Instagram



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