Your Comprehensive Guide To Spring Trends

The six trends that will keep you effortlessly chic through summer.


I am transfixed with spring this year. It could be because we're on the heels of a rough 2020, or the longing desire to sip mimosas with my girlfriends on a patio until the wee hours of the afternoon. Or, it could be because, for the first time in a long time, it feels like fashion has awakened. We're seeing chic combinations of colors, textures, fabrics, and silhouettes that range from the mod-inspired 60s to the sportswear-centric, late 80s to the bubblegum-pop of the early 2000s. The runways of Balenciaga, Valentino, Balmain, Pyer Moss are all filled with ruffles, puffs, exaggerated silhouettes, and colors that make you believe that you were just transported to springtime in the South of France. It might seem impossible but through the bevy of predictable floral gowns and exceptionally tiny bags, there are several realistic trends to get excited about for spring.

As we get closer and closer to a truly newer normal, these spring trends will sweep you right into summer without guillotining your wallet.

Cushioned Shoes

Made famous by Bottega Veneta seasons back and inspired by the resurgence of the romanticized nostalgia, the puff shoe trend has saturated the spring runways and city streets. There is a sleek yet comfortable element that ascended this to cult status over the last few years. The oversized cushioned band elevates the simplicity, which allows it to blend beautifully with any outfit. The style's latest variation is in slingback form, instead of the coveted backless, accessorized with dainty anklets and adorned with small pendants for a luxurious touch. In all its many styles, the trend is evocative of a Marie Antoniette-era of dress when accessories were as scrumptious as her oversized cakes and pastel pastries.

Candy Colors

An assortment of delicious and candy-inspired colors are on display for the 2021 spring palette. Paying homage to the early 2000s when neon Juicy sweatsuits reigned supreme, there's a noticeable infusion of dynamic and eclectic colors in the spring collections. Hues of bubblegum pink, tennis court green and fresh tangerine are bound to be on the curated feeds of your favorite style icons and influencers alike.

Bucket Hats

One of the older trends on the list, the bucket hat is a perfect example of the impact that black culture has on the world of fashion. Primarily used by Irish fishermen in the early 1900s and then as military-issued hats in the mid 20th century, bucket hats skyrocketed to cultural prominence in the 80s - thanks solely to hip hop culture. With the help of industry icons like LL Cool J and Run DMC, this handmade accessory was a sign of a counter-culture movement and redefined what black fashion meant, especially to a white-washed industry. Due to the bucket hat's layered history, it is one of the easiest trends to style and acquire. You can simply throw a rock and find a luxury house, premium designer, or fast-fashion retailer that has produced their version of the trend.

Halter Neck Tops

The halter top is the season's most covetable neckline for a plethora of reasons, including but not limited to the extremely flattering silhouette it creates. Reminiscent of the early 2000s and acquiring immense popularity in the late 60s, the neckline beautifully and sensually highlights the decolletage while maintaining a shred of playfulness. One can easily style this trend as the hemline to a beautiful dress, like Zendaya's character in Malcolm & Marie; as the retro-fitted top accompanied with high-waisted denim for a quick brunch; or as a chic top to your bathing suit on your next beach soiree.

Anything but Skinny Denim

Without hesitation, whenever I think of baggy denim, the chorus of "Return of the Mack" plays in my head, over-filling me with joy. It took a global pandemic and a full calendar year of staying at home to dethrone the skinny jean, arguably the only relevant denim trend for the last decade. An extraordinary aspect of denim is the flexibility; any person can make the style personalized to their preference. The antiquatedly named 'boyfriend jean' has been reimagined in various forms, and upgraded in fit to complement the figure of a real woman. From cropped to sneaker-hugging, baggy denim is easy to style and forecasted to make waves through the fall and winter season.

See You On The Court

A prominent staple of classic Americana style, the tennis skirt is experiencing a vigorous comeback in 2021. Adorned only by athletic icons like Serena Williams, the tennis skirt has remained on the outskirts of mainstream fashion for decades. But with the rise of athleisure outside the home and the ongoing influence of black culture, it's quickly become the go-to skirt for sneakerheads and preppy girls alike. Since the skirt is simple and minimalist, you can expertly style it according to your exact preference.

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