Register To Vote With xoNecole And Make Your Vote Heard #OurVoteCounts

Register To Vote With xoNecole And Make Your Vote Heard #OurVoteCounts

xoNecole stands proudly in unity with Rock the Vote and its #OurVoteCounts partnership. In that action, we are also joining some of the nation's top media brands like Glamour, Refinery29, SheKnows, Jezebel, and Vogue, to reach out to the demographic that matters to us most: you. The mother, the daughter, the wife, the partner, the mover, the shaker, the hustler, the grinder, the student, the teacher, the rock, the healer, the heart, the voice - the all-encompassing entity that is - that are women. You see, #OurVoteCounts. No matter how much society tries to knock us down and/or keep us down, like one of my queen mothers so poetically put it, we still rise.

The 2016 election is a monumental one for a couple of reasons - one of them being that it is the first election where a woman is a presidential candidate. Monday night's debate was also historical in that regard. With this election, Hillary Clinton has the potential to do what no woman before her has yet done and that is become the President of the United States. No, I'm not telling you who to vote for. Hell, I'm not 100% certain of who has my vote yet. But, I'm registered and I am voting. I'm making sure that my voice is heard through my vote, even if it feels like a whisper in the grand scheme of it all. I recognize that whispers don't have to be quiet, especially when they come together. They can rival a scream.

So register.

Vote in this election.

It is shocking to learn the statistic that the US has some of the lowest voter turnouts of any developed country in the world and sad that nearly half of eligble voters didn't even show up to polls to vote in the 2012 presidential election. We cannot have a repeat of that. We cannot afford a repeat like that. There is too much at stake. You have the power to vote, so why not rock it?

On average, registering to vote takes 1 minute and 34 seconds.

Let's come together and make our voices heard this November 8th:

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