Regina Hall Recalls The Worst Date She’s Been On
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Regina Hall Recalls The Worst Date She’s Been On

Everyone has that one date that they will always remember and wish they could forget. From everyday people to celebrities like Regina Hall, no one is exempt from a bad date. The Honk for Jesus actress recounted the worst date she’s ever had during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

She revealed that she was set up on a blind date by a friend to help her “walk into her femininity.”

“She sets me up on a date and we got in an argument the very, very, very first time and last time we went on a date,” she said. What did they argue about? The one thing that most couples (and in this case two singles) argue about. Money.

“He said if he gets married, he didn’t want his wife to work,” she explained. “And I was like, what if your wife wants to work? And he said, ‘no.’ So then I said, what if your wife, what if I want a job to buy you an expensive watch or a car and he said, ‘well we can’t spend over $500 on a gift unless we discuss it with each other.’ And then I said then it’s not a surprise.”

She continued to question her date about his thinking regarding his future wife not working and noticed that he was beginning to contradict himself.

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“This is where it got confusing. He says to me because that money should go towards the children. If we have kids,” she said. “And I said, you weren’t counting on my money anyway so why does my money have to go towards the kids? I’m supposed to not even be working. Now you’re already counting on my money to go on children that I don’t want.”

While the blind date didn’t go so well for the Girls Trip star, the guy did ask her out again. “He did call me to go out again, but I knew there was no future,” she admitted.

At 51, Regina has had a famed career in Hollywood. However, she has managed to keep her relationships under wraps. During her appearance on the late-night talk show, she didn’t share whether she was dating but she did mention the status of her DMs.

“I used to check them and they were like unsolicited penises,” she revealed. “I would open them just to be like, ‘oh’ and then…a lot of people were free with themselves.”

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