Regina Hall Shares Her Mom’s Best Advice About Beauty
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Regina Hall Shares Her Mom’s Best Advice About Beauty

Regina Hall is known as a timeless beauty in Hollywood, but as the old saying goes, “beauty comes from within.” And that’s something the 51-year-old Girls Trip star lives by thanks to her mother. "My mom used to always say, 'You're only as pretty as you act,'" she said in “The Beautiful Issue” for PEOPLE.

"A beautiful world comes from a beautiful heart; that's probably the best way to be beautiful. I've dated some men that haven't all been traditionally handsome, but then you fall in love and you're like, 'They're such a good human being.' They actually get more beautiful."

The Black Monday star also shared that she felt the most beautiful "when I'm really in love." "I think it just comes together. I don't know that it's something you seek," she said about finding love. "When I've been in relationships, I feel like I've met a guy out or maybe through a friend. I've never used technology, but I think it's so individual."

Regina had a close relationship with her mom Ruby who died last year. The actress dedicated a Mother’s Day tribute to her that same year. “My Everything... Missing you every second. Loving You Forever and Ever and Always. Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day Mommy 💔,” she wrote.

"I had a really great relationship with my mom," she told People. "She just was everything. She loved life, so I remember to do that now."

Back in 2019, the actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared a hilarious story about getting high with her mom. Regina’s dog Zeus had passed away and her mom visited her daughter during that time. The actress said she was giving her dog weed and decided to try it with her mom. However, they took too much than recommended, which resulted in them freaking out.

“I called my friend on the phone and I said, ‘Listen, I think Mommy is having a stroke,’” Regina said. “I was distraught ‘cause I was like the dog, now Mommy.”

She called an ambulance but didn’t tell the doctors that they ingested marijuana. “Well, no; my friend was doing a prayer, and she said, ‘Did you take your stuff,’” she said. “Then we were downstairs, and she said, ‘I think you b–es are high.’”

Regina Hall Got Way Too High with Her Mom

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