The Fight Continues: 9 Legit Groups Riding For Black & Human Rights

The Fight Continues: 9 Legit Groups Riding For Black & Human Rights

Here's how you can keep the momentum going against inequality, police brutality, and racial injustice.

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With a brighter light shed on police brutality in the killings of unarmed black men and women including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, communities have rallied worldwide to protest, raise awareness, donate funds, and sound off. There's so much information going around, both via TV news and on the Web, and with some being credible---some not-so-much---it's good to have a resource to help you make sound decisions on how to further the cause and show support.

Though laws have been enacted, offenders have been jailed and charged, and legislators continue talk on police reform, there's still work to be done. Consider these 9 advocacy groups and organizations to keep the fight going:

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund

The NAACP is definitely an OG in the civil rights game and has a proven track record of being a pivotal part of some of America's most landmark civil rights legislation. Their legal, educational, and advocacy impact is wide-reaching. You can even check out their track record for results here.

Color of Change

With more than 1.7 million members, this advocacy and rights organization puts action behind words to get results. Recent victories include gathering more than 40,000 members in calling for the further investigation in the death of Breonna Taylor, an unarmed woman who was shot by police in Louisville, Kentucky. They were also successful in garnering 35,000 supporters to advocate for cybersecurity protections against racism related to Zoom. Subsequently Zoom hired its first chief diversity officer to address issues of hate related to cyberbullying. They've also been active in fighting against predatory loan practices, cyber discrimination and racism, and discriminatory practices related to COVID-19 resources. Find out how you can join, create a campaign or support an existing one here.


This is another organization that has a long-standing history (more than 90 years) and proven track record of sparking legislative and organizational change in the realm of human rights. They have provided legal resources, resource and support issues of women's, LGBT's, and criminal justice rights. They have been active in advocating for victims of police brutality and their families by actively supporting protesters, initiating legal action and facilitating hearings to demand reforms. For more information on their work and how you can help, click here.

The LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Brutality and discrimination against the LGBTQ community is real and has affected millions around the world. Communities of color are disproportionately impacted. The LGBTQ Freedom Fund provides resources, advocacy, and financial aid to those who have been held in jails or immigration detention centers awaiting trial. It also raises awareness about issues of poverty, criminal sentencing, homelessness, and sexual assault against LGBTQ individuals. For more information on how you can volunteer at a chapter near you or donate, click here.

National Bail Fund Network

Celebrities and activists alike have put their money where their mouths are in the form of giving to bail funds. This is indeed important because protest leaders and participants can face arrest and the possibility of criminal charges. The National Bail Fund Network platform provides a quick and easy way to find local organizations that are providing bail fund services to those in need. Check out their listing to see how you can make a targeted impact here.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network

With the added challenge of COVID-19-related hardships, especially for minority communities, this area of activism goes hand in hand with human rights. This network, sparked by the efforts of two medical students who saw the need well before the pandemic hit, is made up of volunteers who fight for healthcare access equity for underserved communities by providing educational, financial, and skills resources. It's very clear that the more one can empower communities, the stronger communities are to sustain activism efforts in other areas. For more on how you can donate or find a chapter near you, click here.

Equal Justice Initiative 

Fighing to end mass incarceration, racial inequity in the legal system, and excessive punishment for crimes in the U.S. is what this org is all about. Add to that that it's run by savvy lawyer Bryan Stevenson, who was depicted by everyone's fantasy bae, actor Michael B. Jordan in Just Mercy. More than 130 wrongfully condemned death-row inmates have found relief, conviction reversals, or release with the help of this organization, and hundreds more who have been wrongly convicted or sentenced have gotten justice. For more on how to support, visit their website.

Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund

It's true that lack of access to qualtiy mental healthcare is a major problem in communities of color, so empowering women and girls through connecting them to mental health education and resources is not only commendable---it's literally an act of divine love. Founder Rachel Cargle turned a birthday wish into a widespread movement and now has a nationwide collaborative network of mental health professionals, experts and advocacy groups to offer services to those in need. To find out how you can donate to help someone get the counseling and resources they need or how you can become a local advocate, click here.

Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute

This organization not only fights against voter suppression, it also provides organizational training for advocacy groups and movements, policy initiative advocacy for changes in legislation and practices, and support resources for organizers fighting for voting rights. Visit their website to find out more about how to donate or volunteer.

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