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Naturi Naughton Says She Feels 'Powerful' Turning 40 For This Reason

Naturi Naughton is reflecting on her accomplishments in the entertainment industry as she embarks on a new journey: turning 40.

The actress and singer shot to stardom in the early 2000s when she and her 3LW bandmates, Adrienne Bailon Houghton and Kiely Williams, released their hit songs "No More (Baby I'm a Do Right)," "Playas Gon Play," and a self-titled debut album. The LP went platinum and sold over a million copies in the U.S.

Despite the achievement, Naughton's time with 3LW would be short-lived because the star shared that she was no longer in the group after the release of their second studio album, A Girl Can Mack, in 2002. Years later, it was revealed that Naughton's departure stemmed from management and tension with her band members.

After leaving 3LW, Naughton's career began to skyrocket when she transitioned to acting and landed various roles in Notorious and Fame. In 2012, Naughton solidified her status after securing the role of a lifetime as Tasha St. Patrick in Starz's hit series Power.

The show aired on the network for six seasons and spawned several spin-offs, including Power Book 2: Ghost,Power Book 3: Raising Kanan, and Power Book 4: Force. Since then, Naughton has been booked and busy as she worked on other projects and reprised her role as St. Patrick in two of the Power spin-offs.

In an interview with The Tamron Hall Show, the mother of two opened up about her 40th birthday and why she considers this year a milestonewhile promoting the final season of Power Book 2: Ghost with her fellow castmates Golden Brooks and Michael Rainey Jr.

Naturi On Her Birthday Festivities

During the discussion, Naughton disclosed that she commemorated the festivities by hanging out on a yacht with her friends, actresses Danielle Brooks and Teyonah Parris, and their significant others.

"I went on an awesome trip with amazing friends. Danielle Brooks, her husband, my husband, Teyonah Parris," she said. "We had fun."

Naughton jokingly added that despite 40 being a significant event in her life, she also encountered a few surprises. "40 feels like the biggest blessing. It also feels like a little joint pain. When I got off that yacht. I was like, 'oww oww," she stated.

Naturi On Why Turning 40 Was Monumental 

Toward the end of that segment, Naughton shared that she feels "empowered" turning 40 because she got to experience all of her goals come to fruition in spite of numerous setbacks.

“In all seriousness, I do feel powerful. I also feel empowered. I feel empowered by the fact that I’ve been able to do what I said I want to do, do what I love."

"My parents, my family [and] everyone has supported me,” she said.” I’m living my dream.”

The fourth and final season of Power Book 2: Ghost is set to premiere on June 7 on Starz

Naturi Naughton & Michael Rainey Jr. On What’s Next After a Decade of ‘Power’

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