Modest Fashion Is Having A Moment — And These Influencers Share Why It’s More Than A Trend
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Modest Fashion Is Having A Moment — And These Influencers Share Why It’s More Than A Trend

Growing up in the early 2000s, it was common to see our favorite music artists, high fashion models, and video vixens revealing plenty of skin with an emphasis on their favorite assets throughout many facets of mainstream media. While overtly convincing young women being sexy was determined by the least amount of clothing one could possibly wear, it caused many of us to become obsessed with our bodies believing that was the only way to be seen, feel beautiful, and most importantly gain the attention of the opposite sex.

Over 20 years later the fashion industry is beginning to shift in ways we haven't seen in decades. Throughout the spring 2023 runway collections, designers debuted enticing looks featuring long hemlines with emphasis on silhouettes and fully covered midriffs articulating sexiness with fashion-forward modesty.

A part of this modern culture shift can be attributed to the current state of our economy here in the United States. As we climb out the last three years of a worldwide pandemic there has been a decline in consumer confidence with predictions of a looming economic downturn. The hemline index theory is what's known in the fashion industry as the theory of recessions correlating to longer hemlines and less flashy clothing resulting in a more conservative way of life. To give a comparison, skirts tend to get shorter when the economy is doing well and people are feeling more confident financially and longer when there's less optimism and uncertainty.

While the theory is debatable in its factual nature, this can be seen throughout history with clothing being of neutral tones and less revealing following the Wall Street Crash leading to the Great Depression and World Wars in the most extreme cases, while bright and jubilant during the 1960s and early 2000s.

When it comes to fashion, less being more is truly subjective, especially to those that believe dressing conservatively to be the quintessential aspect of true elegance, style, and liberation. While seemingly another mainstream fashion trend on the rise here in the United States, for many women around the world modesty is not a trend but a lifestyle. More than maxi skirts, oversized blazers, and baggy trousers, modesty represents a mindset of sophistication while demanding respect for one's body, mind, and soul regardless of one's personal style or religious affiliation.

Even with a modern shift in the sartorial world, modesty has misconceptions of its own. While there’s still a long way to go with modest representation, these fashion influencers are sharing why they believe modesty makes women more attractive and how it’s more than clothes but a way to represent who they are from the inside out.

Aïssata Diallo

“Modesty is the core of my self-expression and there's a level of elegance to it that I always found endearing.” - Aïssata Diallo

Based in NYC, Aïssata is a fashion influencer whose style is based on who she is and where she’s from. When asked what inspired her style she shares, “My personal style comes from my inspirations of the inner-city girl mixed in with my faith and culture. I try to blend all of these different components of myself [in]to one aesthetic that screams modern Muslim woman from NYC.” Developing her personal style, Aissata says “modesty” was not in her vocabulary at a young age. “Being new to this, it took time figuring out my personal style, and to be honest the learning is still ongoing but it’s been empowering to keep pushing the envelope with my modest fashion.”

For many Muslim women, modesty can be seen as oppressive from the outside looking in, what many fail to see is that women of the faith have a choice in how they want to be perceived in the world and express beauty in their own way. “What most people don’t realize is that modesty is a personal journey and a decision you have to make for yourself otherwise you’d never stick through with it. Eventually, I got to a point where I wanted to submit to God.”

She continues, “Modesty is the core of my self-expression and there’s a level of elegance to it that I have always found endearing. In being modest you’re going against the societal norm to revel in the power of your choice. It’s also a spiritual thing for me and a way to please God. It’s more than just what you’re wearing on the outside, it’s a lifestyle. The way you carry yourself, the way you think, your heart, your morals, and values. There’s a lot of inner work that goes into it and the outer beauty just reflects it.”

"Dressing more modestly naturally elevated my style." - Aïssata Diallo

Another way modesty defines a woman's beauty is by elevating personal style, shifting from fast fashion to investing in quality items. “In my opinion, modesty enhances a woman’s beauty beyond the superficial and [adds] substance, depth and a level of mystery to one’s beauty.” Aïssata continues, “It also enhances the amount of respect I demand/receive from anyone who sees me. In terms of my personal style, dressing more modestly naturally elevated my style. I used to buy a lot of fast fashion before embarking on this journey and now I find myself only investing in high-quality pieces.”

Furthermore, Aissata explains, “Modesty is personal, and it does not have to be boring and you don’t have to look like an elderly. I’m learning that you can bring parts of yourself and your culture in your modest journey and continue to grow further as you learn more about yourself and your faith.”

Asma Shakar 

“Modestly enhances my personal style because it forces me to pay more attention to the small details of my outfits.” - Asma Shakar

Fashion stylist and boutique owner Asma Shakar is a fashion influencer who describes her personal style as both modest and versatile. “Modesty to me not only means dressing in a way that my body is not shown. It also relates to how I carry and conduct myself as a woman and as a Muslim,” Asma shares. “I think modesty enhances a woman's beauty because it allows for people to look past their physical attributes and focus more on their heart and soul. Modesty enhances my personal style because it forces me to pay more attention to the small details of my outfits.”

Always feeling confident, she continues to elevate and develop her natural style. “I feel like I’ve always been confident in my personal style but it has been developing since I learned the true definition of style.” She continues, “I honestly feel like my personal style is developing every day and probably won’t stop anytime soon.”

As far as negative stereotypes for Muslim women, she states that “one of the biggest misconceptions is that dressing modestly as a Muslimah is oppressive. But when major fashion houses dress their models modestly, it’s fashion. I believe when I dress modestly it’s liberating as opposed to being oppressive.”


​“It shows class and a sense of inner confidence.”- Anne

Conservative fashion doesn’t always have to be a religious decision. For Anne, it’s an expression of who she is and how she feels on the inside. “How I dress is a reflection of my mood and energy. I’m always intentional about the way I want to look.” She continues, “There’s an effortlessness and hints of androgyny that always remain as part of my signature style. I enjoy playing in clothes and reinventing myself.”

Her belief in modesty is simple, it’s a choice. “It shows class and a sense of inner confidence. It can also be seen as a reflection of one’s self-esteem. My personal style is predominantly modest because I enjoy the contrast of wearing something feminine with something masculine. I think there’s so much more to look at when you’re fully clothed and dressed well.”

“Modesty enhances a woman’s beauty by shifting the focus to the beauty of other attributes like her smile, behavior, her stance, and/or her words. Modesty isn’t a limitation, it’s the liberty to showcase other sides of you.” - Anne

As a child, Anne states she was always confident in her style which gave her the freedom to express herself and develop into the woman she was destined to become. “I was confident as a child with my style. I was given the space to express myself through clothes. I liked what I liked and there was always a freedom to choose how I wanted to present myself. My mom really nurtured that side of me.” Allowing her that freedom, she learned how to see herself in many forms and appreciate all attributes of herself which gave her the freedom to experiment with style. “I believe modesty enhances a woman’s beauty by shifting the focus to her smile, her behavior, her stance, and/or her words. Modesty isn’t a limitation, it’s the liberty to showcase other sides of you.”

Modesty enhances Anne’s personal style by inspiring her to experiment with layering, structure, and shape. She shares her number one style rule, “If I’m to wear something that shows a little more skin, everything else is to be covered. I think the overall look becomes that much more interesting and tasteful.”

Her overall thoughts on why she encourages modesty are that “it inspires transformation. There are so many ways to enhance your beauty and reinvent yourself whilst fully dressed. Modesty isn’t boring. It’s timeless and powerful.”

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Featured image by Aïssata Diallo/Instagram



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