Michelle Obama Opens Up About What It’s Like To Be ‘Seen’ As Herself After Years In The Public Eye
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Michelle Obama Opens Up About What It’s Like To Be ‘Seen’ As Herself After Years In The Public Eye

Former first lady Michelle Obama is providing insight into her journey of becoming her authentic self and what it meant to be seen for who she is for the first time in years.

The Obamas first stole our hearts in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. Barack's presidency was considered a monumental occasion because he, Michelle, and their two daughters were the first Black family in the White House.

Throughout Barack's presidential term, which lasted until 2016, Michelle showcased grace, elegance, and unwavering commitment to meaningful causes involving health, education, and women's empowerment, ultimately making her a beloved figure.

Since the Obamas' departure from the White House, Michelle, who continues to support similar causes, has opened up more about her life with the help of her best-selling books The Light We Carry and Becoming. In addition to the memoirs, the 59-year-old has a podcast with Audible titled “The Light with Michelle Obama,” highlighting specific topics such as friendships, parenting, and the pressures of being in the public eye, to name a few.

During a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Michelle describes how it feels to finally share her authenticity with the world after years of maintaining an image because of Barack's presidency and understanding the inability to control the public narrative.

Michelle On Being Her Authentic Self  

In the discussion last month, Michelle disclosed that although she never imagined herself being in the spotlight, when it happened after Barack was elected as president in 2008, the mother of two knew that being the first lady came with great responsibility.

Michelle also mentioned that throughout Barack's term, she always tried to be "her authentic self." But after leaving the White House, the star could do it more freely without external pressures, which she considers inspirational because it can lead others to live in their truth and share their stories.

"You know, I never really sought out or wanted the spotlight, but I understand that having it comes with responsibility. I hope when people look at me, they see someone who tried to be her authentic self and tell her story in a way that allows others to also share theirs," she said. "That's what the book and podcast have been about for me—passing along my story and the lessons I've learned along the way so that others can reflect on it and share their own."

Michelle On Not Controlling The Public Narrative

Michelle added that during this journey of becoming her authentic self and sharing personal content, the one lesson she's learned as a public figure was that she has to be "satisfied" with how she is being perceived because people will always have their own narrative.

"And one of the big things I've learned after all these years is that there's not much I can do to control the narrative. People are going to think what they want to think. I just know as long as I am satisfied with how I am putting myself out there, that's all that matters," she explained.

Despite what others may think about Michelle, she is doing a great job, and will always be our favorite first lady.

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