Lizzo's Guide To Surviving F*ckboys Is A Whole Mood

Lizzo's Guide To Surviving F*ckboys Is A Whole Mood

This hot girl summer hasn't come to an end just yet, and I see you, sis. You're out here minding your mental health, drinking water, and growing your edges, and the last thing you need is somebody's raggedy son f*cking it up with their lack of intentions. Lizzo just slid through with all the details on how to dodge a bullet (and another f*ckboy).

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A study conducted by me proves that a number of men are, in fact, great until they are actually given the responsibility of actually being great, and Lizzo said that in her experience, my hypothesis was correct. When you're young, fertile, and ready to love, it's easy to confuse a f*ckboy for a Prince Charming and in an interview with BET, the singer said that she's definitely kissed a few frogs in her lifetime. She explained:

"F*ckboys come in all different shapes and sizes. There' different levels to this f*ckboy sh*t."

Lizzo went on to talk about an ex, who, despite displaying typical f*ckboy traits early-on, she decided to pursue a relationship with.

"He would turn off his phone off because he needed space. He would disappear for weeks on end because he needed to clear his mind and be with nature."

Later, she found out that her boo was creeping with another woman in Burbank, and although she was hurt, she continued the on-and-off relationship relationship despite her better judgement.

"I don't really press nobody. You know what? I press my ends, that's what I do. So I played it cool."

We all know that breakups are more like a pregame. We may tell our friends that we're leaving, but deep down we know that it ain't over til' it's over, and those first few nights alone feel awfully cold. Alexa, play "If You Think You're Lonely Now". It wasn't until later that Lizzo decided the relationship wasn't helping her grow as a person and ultimately cut ties. She had this piece of advice for women who may be struggling to leave a toxic relationship: Ditch that f*ckboy and think of your future, sis.

"Here's a word. When you're in it, you don't realize how deep you're in it. You really have to like get out of that situation to realize how toxic, or how f*cked up, or abusive it was. I, even while going through it, was finding positives and was going back to a situation that didn't serve me."

You move different when you realize your self-worth and recognize that only you can decide what you deserve.

Lizzo also says that it's important to have a supportive group around you that can tell you when you're wrong. A friend will tell you that new pair of jeans are unflattering, but a best friend will go with you to return them. It's important to have people in your corner who will tell you when you're pissing away your potential, and if they don't, why are they your girls? Lizzo continued:

""Listen to your friends. If you got some good friends around you, which I hope you do, they will tell you what's up. And listen to them, because I know you be like 'yeah girl, I know, I'm way too good for him, I know girl'. But you [text him] like 'I just wanna talk, let's just hang out, do you want to get ice cream?' Listen to your friends! That sh*t you be talking in your friend group, keep that same energy."

Watch Lizzo's full clip below!

Lizzo Relives Her F**K BOY Experiences & Gives Tips On How To Handle Them! | The F**K Boy Manualwww.youtube.com

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