Jordin Sparks Thinks Not Allowing Your Man To Have Female Friends Is Toxic AF
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Jordin Sparks Thinks Not Allowing Your Man To Have Female Friends Is Toxic AF

I saw a meme that suggested if most of us spent more time cultivating our non-romantic relationships, we wouldn't feel so clingy and insecure with our lovers and whew chile, I felt that in my spirit.

There is a common belief that your partner should be your everything, but by that same logic, that would mean that without them, you would have nothing. And when it comes to my own personal romantic life, I beg to differ, damn it. I want to enter my next relationship as a whole ass person, which requires not flipping out when my man engages with someone of the opposite sex and Jordin Sparks seconds this notion.

Recently, chaos erupted in the comment section of Dana Isaiah Thomas, Jordin's husband and father of her almost 8-month old baby, after he posted a picture with an old friend and sparked an interesting debate about having friends of the opposite sex. The photo, which has since amassed a lot of media attention, was posted with the caption:

"Not very many people can… 1). Get me out the house past 10:30 2). Get me to smile this big 3). Have me talking about high school. Shoutout to a real one."

While some commenters speculated that there was foul-play between Dana and his old friend, Jordin was not here for any of it and did not bite her tongue. In a comment, the 29-year-old singer wrote:

"Y'all. Here's a message: if your significant other is making you cut off your really good, stand up, been there since forever friends, male or female…GET OUT. (Not talking about the friends that are toxic/frenemies, that's a problem and should be addressed.)"

Translation: We good over here, fam.

She went on to suggest that making your significant other isolate themselves in any capacity is toxic and I approve this message. While jealousy can be flattering, it can also be a dangerous indicator that it's time to reevaluate your relationship. She continued:

"That's controlling/toxic and people are NOT objects you own. Again, people are NOT OBJECTS YOU OWN. Friends are super important for your well-being especially those that knew you before certain huge life changes happen. It's HEALTHY. I hope you all find someone that treats you like my husband and his friends do. They are truly the best. May the odds be ever in your favor."

I'm not Webster, but I'm sure if we were to look up the definition of a healthy relationship, it wouldn't involve asking your man to end (platonic) relationships with women that were most likely there way before you were.

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